Short Binary Options Stories – The Binary Gods

A BiNarnian interview

As you know, we go all the way when it comes to our research and we always do our best to bring you the most accurate and unbiased information. Staying true to our desire for quality information, we developed an intricate way of traveling through time, space and universes. Now, I am not at liberty to discuss how it works exactly, but the results are amazing. My first task after testing the machine was a trip to BiNarnia. What is BiNarnia you might ask? Well, it’s the only place where The Binary Gods Callinius and Putioux agreed to grant me a short interview. Needless to say my palms were sweaty and my heart was close to jumping out of my chest when I got to the door of the inn we were going to meet in.


I entered the inn, hoping I won’t feel their wrath for doing some stupid mistake like calling Putioux by the name of Callinius or vice versa. I remembered that in my early days of learning about Binary Options, it was a mistake I often made. Currency symbols paintings, ticker symbols and “Buy” or “Sell” buttons were hanging on the walls alongside skillfully crafted swords and battle armor. A beautiful waitress carrying a tray full of wine glasses smiled at me and I immediately thought to myself that she is a “No Touch” Option considering the huge, bearded guy behind the counter, checking her every move. I started looking for the two reasons I came here and I found them sitting at a corner table, not wanting to attract too much attention. I approached at a steady pace, trying to hide my emotion. They were waiting for me for quite a long time judging by the look on their faces when they saw me. Nice going, making Callinius and Putioux wait for me…hope they don’t smite me right here. A warm shake of hands assured me no smiting is going to happen and we got down to business, with my first question:


Q: How long have you two been around?


Callinius: Longer than you think, but in the early days, not all of you puny humans were able to trade us, we were Over-the-Counter options. That means the issuer was selling directly to the buyer.


Putioux: My brother is right! Starting with 2008 all mortals are allowed to trade us online through Binary Options brokers. But beware, some of them are just scammers! Choose wisely.



Q: If somebody comes in contact with you, are they exposed to a high risk?


Putioux (looking at his brother): This mortal is pretty slow minded…


Callinius: Of course there is a high risk involved. We are high risk financial Gods. We can make you addicted to us by promising you money and financial freedom and then leave you broke if you don’t know when to stop or how to trade with us.



Q: What is your greatest power?


Callinius: We have the huge power of giving you money if you choose right between us and if you use proper money management techniques.



Q: What do you mean if we choose right between you?


Putioux: Look, if you choose me over my brother and price comes down to touch me or even goes bellow me, I will give you money. In the mortal world we are known as “Call” and “Put”


Callinius: He’s right. And if you choose me and price comes up to touch me, again you will win money. The problem emerges when you choose Putioux and price goes up or vice versa.



Q: When choosing between you two, do we need to conduct any technical analysis?


Callinius: Of course you do! Don’t just believe anything you hear. Some brokers just present you the good part of interacting with us and they don’t tell you that we will eat all your money if you are not careful.  


Putioux: You need to have strong technical and fundamental knowledge. We are not gambling Gods, but financial ones. If you want to become a successful trader, you must learn how to use tools and how to deploy strategies.



Q: Is there a way to harness both of your powers?


Putioux: Ha, a good question, indeed. Yes, there is. Brother, explain to the human please.


Callinius: There is a strategy called The Straddle, where you buy both of us and just wait for price to move strongly in one direction. It doesn’t really matter what direction as long as the move is strong enough to cover for both our costs. All you need is volatility. From what I remember, your site describes the strategy in more detail.



Well …that’s about it, because all of a sudden they got up and left me wanting to know more…I guess they have more important business than talking to me. Hope the important business involves smiting some scammer broker. On the way back from BiNarnia, all kind of stuff was going through my head, but the most important thing I learned from them was how risky they are, even if they are not leveraged financial instruments. Maybe people don’t understand them good enough and don’t see the risks they are exposed to when getting involved with Callinius and Putioux. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and maybe I get to see them again and learn more.