ZoneOptions Educaton Review – Get In The Zone

 Full Review of ZoneOptions Binary Options Education is a new binary options with a proprietary trading platform. They offer some of the best features available to binary options traders today. The question is, do they do enough to educate traders on how binary options work. In my opinion the website has everything any new binary options trader will need to get started.


When you go and check out for yourself you will see that it is not like other brokers. You know how they all start to look the same after a while? ZoneOptions has done a stellar job listening to their clients and then following through with action. I know this review is of the ZoneOptions eduction package but I had to mention that the platform is very nice and has all the features you could ask for in a binary options broker, almost. Can any broker really deliver all that you could want?




The First Glance

 My first glance at the website gave me a good impression. It may have been because I had been expecting more of the same old half ass attempts at education. The website and platform have a rich interface and are full of information. On the platform itself you will find things like Trading Trends, which shows the ratio of bullish to bearish sentiment among traders, and an easy access quote panel with the latest info on all the available assets. There is also a video available but it turned out to be nothing more than a really good commercial for binary options trading. Don’t fear though, my first impressions were not wrong. After digging into the full educational section I found that ZoneOptions has done a very thorough job of explaining how binary options work and most importantly how trading binary options on the ZoneOptions platform works.



Digging A Little Deeper Into ZoneOptions

 After settling into the sight and digging deeper into what is available I was pleasantly surprised. Now, there isn’t anything about strategies, tools or the mechanics of trading  but the site provides more than enough information to get anyone up to speed with the basics of binary trading and how to use the platform. As I said before ZoneOptions has a lot of features in demand by binary options traders. The education center makes sure that you know what they are and how they work. In addition to the standard high/low, one touch, boundary and short term options there is also an early close and a rollover feature that you don’t find with every broker. I also want to mention that the early out and rollover features are available for every open trade within some limits. I gleaned that important bit from the education center.



The Ebook, Nothing You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

 Like most brokers today ZoneOptions is offering a free Ebook on binary options trading. Also like most other brokers today the Ebook doesn’t have any information you can’t find in any other ebook or on the website itself. This is one area where I would really like to see some binary options brokers step it up. The Ebook is a great place to add an introduction to fundamental and technical analysis, strategy and money management.



Following Through with ZoneOptions Education

 ZoneOptions also has plenty of continuing education resources to help new traders follow through with their introduction. It takes more than just knowing how and where to pick up/down, enter your amount and press enter to trade successfully. For starters each trader has free training available. All they have to do is set up a time with a personal coach. Zone also has a list of webinars available for all skill levels. They go into the basics and continue on into ways to fine tune trading strategies. Of course, there are no links to these webinars so its hard to say for sure.




My Last Words On ZoneOptions Educational Resources

 I think any new trader can get in the zone with the ZoneOption education package. No pun intended. The material is comprehensive and easy to follow, providing clear instructions on how each feature works. It is obvious from the website that ZoneOptions is serious about letting the world know just what it has available. As far as continuing education goes they are making an effort but I think they are not quite there yet. Now it’s time to get into the zone with ZoneOptions review!