AnyOption – The Giant Awakes from a Long Day Dreaming With Great New Features

AnyOption Introduces – Live Traders Data, 0-100 Options and Account Managing

After a long sleep, Binary Options pioneer AnyOption wakes up to present not less than 3 new exciting features, including Live Traders Data with all users trading statistics and trading moves, 0-100 Options – brand new binary options trading style and a private account manager.




AnyOption’s Newest Feature another Step Forward For Binary Options

AnyOption is continuously innovating the binary options industry. The newest feature on the broker’s site is the Real Live Data. This is not a data stream of market prices like you may be thinking, this is internal binary options market data. This data is akin to volume, open interest and the put/call ratio you will find when trading equity options. The page is accessed through your account and provides a list of what people are trading now, how the market is positioned (% bull/bear) and what the top trades of the day, week and month were.


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The Live Trade list shows active trades being placed from around the world. It tells you where, how much and what kind of binary option was purchased. This list is constantly changing as traders around the world put on new positions. To the right of this list you will find the Trading Trends. This shows you how the market is positioned with an easy to read icon displaying how much of the market is bullish and how much is bearish. This tool alone is a great feature for binary traders and can be used in several ways to help predict market movements.




0-100 Options A Move Toward American Style Option Trading?

Anyoption has made another move to innovate the binary options industry. The broker and platform provider has introduced 0-100 binary options. These options, though limited at this time, are the closest thing to the U.S. style binary options. This could be a move by AnyOption to incease the exposure of traders in the U.S. market.


0-100 options are binary, just like standard European style binary options but they pay out in a much different way. These options two possible outcomes are $0 or $1.00. Because of this they are traded in lots of 100 with actual value at expiration $100. The price of the option fluctuates during its life as the price of the underlying asset fluctuates. You pay the spot price for the options which can be anywhere from $1 to $99. This means that there is the possibility of a much higher pay out. If you buy an option when it is $35 and its worth $100 at expiration then the profit is over 180%. That is a big difference from the usual 70-80% we see from most binary options. On the other hand, trading 0-100 options increases the risk and overall lost if trade is out-of-money.


The bad news is that the feature is extremely limited at this time. So far from what I have seen it only has one asset available, the EUR/USD. That’s OK because I trade that but I would also like to trade others as well. The other limitation is the time frame. I have only seen them offer end of the hour expiry. This is OK sometimes but not OK at others. I think a little more flexibility with that would be nice. I also don’t think it’s going to happen either unless all of their traders want it.  All in all thought it is a good tool and a move in the right direction. If AnyOption opens up 0-100 to have more assets and more expiries then maybe they can make a real bid to become U.S. regulated. This would be awesome because then the U.S. and European binary markets would be linked, creating greater liquidity.




AnyOption Account Manager Service

AnyOptions Account Manager Service is the newest feature from of the binary options leading brokers. Of course, it comes with a minimum deposit but that is to be expected. The minimum here is a reasonable $1,000 U.S., or 1500 Euros. This isn’t too bad and is a lot cheaper than spending $100 every two weeks with the wrong trading coach or signal service provider. The added bonus, in my opinion, is that AnyOption would have a vested interest in keeping traders profitable.


The feature includes many features that meet or exceed what you might find with an average coach or signal service. There is training for traders, emails with more in depth information and follow up, 24/7 live chat with a team of coaches and weekly checkups with a personal account manager. They don’t guarantee profits but who can, it’s trading and it’s risky. I did have a question about refunds for losses based on the program but that is for a little later.  Your account manager is assigned to you after you join the program and helps guide you through the training. After that they are available by phone and maintain contact on a weekly basis to make sure you are making use of the tools.


This program is good and could possibly not suck, provided it lives up to what the offer states. It is much cheaper than hiring a third party and now that AnyOption is CySEC approved you can trust them even more. A regulated binary options broker is defiantly better than one that’s one. Think about it this way, if you were going to deposit enough money to really need a service or coaching it would probably be at least the minimum. So assuming you have met the minimum and get the service why would you need to hire a coach? You save money. Plus, the service is much more than just a coach. It also comes with inside reports on trading, strategies and how to make the most of binary options.