Binary Options That Suck Introduces New Trading School: The Ultimate Binary Options Education

New Binary Options Trading School is Finally Launched!

ALIVE… It’s ALIVEEE! The first and most comprehensive Binary Options School in the industry is finally here. Forget all about the Education offered by brokers… most of the times it just makes me laugh. Fortunately now traders don’t have to base their learning experience on bits and pieces of information scattered all around the internet because everything you need is here! If you want to learn Binary Options, you are definitely in the right place. Not only the information is comprehensive and surrounds all aspects of binary options trading, but it is also structured in a way that makes it easy to absorb.

 (former Binary Options Trading School: Simba’s Road to Kingship!

Preschool Section – Learn the Basics of Binary Options

Here you will learn all about the Basics of Binary Options: what are they, types of Options, differences between Binaries, Forex and traditional Options and just to keep headaches away, we also included some funny stories. You will also learn how to choose a reliable broker, how to avoid scams and basically how to protect yourself in the Binary Options jungle.


Primary School Section – Get Your Trading Started

Here you will enter the trading world and you will notice a more hands on approach: we teach you about indicators, we provide them to you and we teach you how to actually use them. You will also be introduced to Binary Options Tools and Strategies and you will be one step closer to your goal: becoming a Trader.


College Section – Become a Pro

When you start reading this section, you are probably already trading (either demo or real money), but you want to improve your skills. If you are still thirsty for knowledge and always looking for new and more advanced strategies, then the College is the place for you. Step right up and get your dose of Advanced and Expert Strategies and Tools. But beware; going straight to College without first completing the other two sections of the School will just confuse you… big time. So take the time and do it right.



Learning Is a Process That Never Ends

Once you finish School, don’t think you are off the hook. Nope! We are not letting you go on your adventure just yet. To make sure you are ready to weather the storm, we prepared an extra “treat”: you will find tests at the end of all School sections. The questions are related to the things you learned and are the best way to solidify your knowledge… with a funny twist sometimes. After all, we don’t want to bore you and we want the learning experience to be pleasant. So we provide you with all the educational material and ways to test what you’ve learned. More than that, once you graduated the School “Magna Cum Laude” and you’ve taken the tests, we give you the best tool to apply what you’ve learned: the CommuniTraders platform. Now you have it all in one place: Full School, Graduation Tests and Demo Trading. The rest is up to you! Happy learning!



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