BinaryBrokerz Approved by!

New Binary Options Broker Approved: BinaryBrokerz

Don’t you hate it when you accept a Bonus, feel on top of the world and when you want to withdraw your broker says “Not yet! Trade 30 times more before you can withdraw.”? Well, that’s not the case with Binary Brokerz because traders’ money won’t get locked in if a Bonus is received. Obviously you cannot withdraw the Bonus right away, but your own funds are available to you even if you’ve received a bonus. Speaking of bonuses, there are 4 types: Active Bonus, Smart Bonus, Profits Bonus, and Balance Bonus. These range between 25% and as high as 150% depending on the size of the account type and availability of relevant promotions. Having a wide variety of bonus percentages offers more flexibility but still allows the trader to benefit from a higher leverage.



AutoChartist Signals and Managed Risks by Risk-O-Meter

Autochartist! This is the first time we’ve seen Autochartist offered by a binary options broker. It’s a well known and respected technical analysis tool offered in the past only by Forex brokers. It identifies chart patterns and offers a prediction based on price action related to that pattern. The main reason why Autochartist “survived” so many years in the trading world is because it is reliable and offers constant profitable signals. We’ve covered this tool in the past so you can read our full article: Autochartist Tool – Making Life Easier For Traders. Overall it’s a great addition to any trader’s toolbox and we commend Binary Brokers for offering it free of charge.


Binary Brokerz also offers the possibility to adjust your risk/reward ratio with the use of their Risk-O-Meter. In my opinion this tool is too underrated and should be offered by more brokers because it allows the trader to choose a custom ratio of risk to reward, making it easier to manage the investment. In other words, you can change the payout percentage by making it lower in exchange for a bigger refund (amount of money you receive back for a losing trade) or making it higher (but you won’t get a high refund). It’s up to you, the trader and whenever a broker gives freedom and flexibility to the trader, it’s a sign of a reliable partner.


Bottom Line

For the reasons above and others, we’ve decided to approve BinaryBrokerz. We take a chance every time we give our “seal of approval” to a new broker so I hope they live up to it. If not, we can always take it away. If you haven’t read the complete BinaryBrokerz Review, now it the time!