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Binary Options Do Move Forward!

The industry has reached new levels of trading technology, regulation, reliability, trading options, number of active brokers. Of course, there is still a very dark side for this industry. It’s evident that 80% of the brokers in the industry are not reliable, not necessarily scam, but simply not reliable enough. Brand names and brokers are changing by the week, same people different name. Yet, when you think about it, considering the fact there are about 300 different brands and brokers active or inactive, we’re looking at least at 60 brokers that we believe are fair. Of those 60 brokers, we can definitely name at least 10-15 very high quality brokers, not to mention safe to trade with. And what does that tells us? Three top rated brokers are simply not enough and are not contributing to the development of the binary options industry. We always like to think of ourselves not only as anti-scam or educational website, but as leaders of change in the industry. From regulation debates to social trading pioneers, now we want to help the trusted brokers of our industry to succeed. And that’s so important for us all as traders.




Binary Options Traders Enjoy the Competition

The big picture has changed. We do see lots of lots of new brands and brokers, we still see fraud or just unreliable brokers, but the fact is; to scam traders is not easy as it used to be. Now we have regulation, watchdogs are finally doing a better job monitoring scams but most importantly – now there’s information. Seen some add? Check it with Ms. Google. Now they can’t hide. Fair brokers finally gathered enough clients to distinguish themselves from the herd, and they’re no longer hunting only for new members. Now they look forward, and they want veteran traders to join, and they’re willing to offer some serious promotions to make them come. Finally, there’s a real competition between one or two dozens of reliable binary options brokers. And once again, (former is leading a change to help this healthy competition.




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As a leading binary options community, we have many obligations towards our members. Being for such long time in this business, we’ve helped total newbies to avoid scams and learn to trade. Those newbies developed to become veteran traders and members of the community, some are actively discussing in our forums and others prefer to keep a low profile. Rest assured we’ll keep hunting scams, we eat them for breakfast. Now the competition for the veteran trader has begun, we want to introduce our members the new wall of featured brokers; we’ll publish valuable offers and promotions by regulated and trusted brokers only, with high user-ratings by our members. This table will be updated on a monthly basis, and only fair deal brokers will be presented. So if you’re thinking of switching brokers, open your first account or open another account – do not deposit before you catch the next deal!


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