Even the Best Companies in the World Suck Sometimes

 We Make Mistakes, Learn and Grow

In my country we have a saying: “A guy who doesn’t work will never make a mistake”. Well, I don’t know if this was first said by some dude in my country, or in ancient Greece or somewhere in Nepal and actually it’s not really that important. But what is important is the logic behind it: how can someone make a mistake if he is sitting around all day, doing nothing? He won’t.


Now think about a company that has a few hundred thousand customers. Every day they serve those customers and that means they work hard, trying to perform the best they can…but mistakes are part of the game and controlling everything is impossible sometimes. Today I want to talk about the mistakes made by the major companies around and why they still remain on top, despite those mistakes.




Everybody makes mistakes.

The operating system my PC uses is made by Microsoft. Undoubtedly Windows is one of the most used operating systems, but not once it made me wanna throw my computer out the…window. Sometimes even the simplest of tasks is a burden for Windows and weird errors appear, not to mention the Blue Screen of Death (you are lucky if you never heard of it). But guess what I’m using for more than 15 years (and not planning to change): Windows operating system. It is still a great product and over time I learned to fix it or to prevent major problems from happening; on top of that, Microsoft constantly works on improving it because that’s what a great company does: it acknowledges the problems and solves them. The result is a much better Windows now than it was in 1995.




Apple Fails with Maps 

I guess I can’t talk about Windows without mentioning Apple, right? Remember their fluke with the Maps? Although they are a great company, they screwed up big time with that app and Apple Maps even made it to the CNN Top 10 fails of 2012. Some of the bugs included tagging an entire city as a hospital, a nursery as an airport or showing the nearest gas station 76 miles away from the user’s position. Their next step was to publicly apologize, replace the executive responsible for the app and then improve the software. Does this mistake make them less dominating in the industry? Nope, they’re still on top.




Amazon and PayPal Make Mistakes 

You probably heard of Amazon, right? They are one of the biggest companies around, but I am sure some of their orders get mixed up and sometimes the wrong item is delivered to a customer. And what do they do about it? They don’t try to cover it up to make it disappear; they fix it as fast and as well as they can: send the right item, apologize to the customer and carry on with the other orders.  


 Even PayPal, one of the biggest e-wallet providers can screw up. This one happened to me: although I submitted all the documentation they required and I went through the process of verifying my Credit Card, my Limits were not lifted. That meant that I couldn’t receive money exceeding a certain sum. Of course I contacted them and told them about the problem. Very politely they asked me to have a little patience and in a couple of hours I received an e-mail informing me that my Limits were removed and they kindly apologized for any inconvenience. Problem solved.




The Best Binary Options Brokers Suck Sometimes

All the companies I talked about are leaders in their business sectors and they maintain their status even if mistakes are made. A fluke or misunderstanding doesn’t make them scammers. The same is true for Binary Options brokers. Even if they are top-tier material, they can still slip up but this doesn’t mean they are after our money or that they build traps for us to fall in. An honest mistake can be easily solved with the help of your broker…if that broker is a reliable one, not some shady company that promises overnight riches. Don’t worry about finding a reliable broker; there are plenty in our Recommended Brokers section.


Once our team decides a broker is good enough to pass our tests, they receive the “Recommended Broker” rating…but that doesn’t make them perfect or flawless. Mistakes are going to be made and what matters is that reliable companies do their best to solve their clients’ problems. More than that, once we approve a broker, we do our best to help users who have an issue related to that broker.




Bottom Line – Even ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) Suck Sometimes

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s normal. But what makes the difference between companies is how they handle mistakes. A good company will always be interested in solving the issue as fast and clean as possible while a company that sucks will just throw dust in the client’s eyes, hoping he will abandon the fight and walk away. And Yes, BinaryOptionsthatSuck.com does Suck sometimes. We wish we could stick around flawless, having made no mistakes. But no, we just can’t. Like most companies, even the Hugh monsters mentioned above, we also have our share of mistakes. Our recently launched binary options trading platform – CommuniTraders, is not perfect. Our list of brokers – still doesn’t cover all dozens of brokers. Our trading team – lose from time to time. My own strategies – fail me occasionally. That’s just life, and we’re going to have to live them, make mistakes, but importantly – solving them. That’s where a true company/broker/website is measured upon.


If you have a problem with a company, go to the source, contact them, make sure you read their Terms and Conditions, do everything in your power to solve the problem and give them the benefit of the doubt, don’t start trashing companies online immediately. If you have an issue with one of our Recommended Brokers, please come to us and let us know. Contact us by e-mail, contact one of the Forum Pros or Moderators and like I said earlier, BOTS will try hard to help you in solving the problem. Remember: even the best companies go wrong sometimes, the best websites can screw up and… even ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) can suck sometimes.