FMTrader Trader’s Education Review – Educating The Competition

Full Review Of FMTrader Educational Resources For Traders

FMTrader has been born again and is setting a high market when it comes to service, and to education. This broker is built on SpotOption so we know the platform is top notch but not all brokers that use it go to the lengths the FMTrader goes to ensure that new and experienced traders alike have the tools they need, and know how to use them. You don’t have to pick this for your broker but I can definitely recommend them as a good source for education.



FMTrader – Educating The Competition

FMTrader is a white label broker, there is no secret about that. As such it is easy to assume that they would have the same old basic educational materials as any other white label but you would be wrong. This broker has one of the most complete line ups of trading courses and resources I have seen and have set the bar for other brokers to meet. First off, I like they way they have moved away from making it seem as if binary is sooo easy, because we all know it’s a little bit harder than 1-2-3 here is how you trade. The website is clean and one of the first things that you see is the link to the Education Center, right in the center of the navigation bar, so you will have no trouble finding it.


When you click on the Education Center there are a couple of choices, Tutorial, Video On Demand, Courses, Ebook and a Glossary. I will start with the Glossary which is pretty basic but adequate to get started, nothing fancy here. Now, moving on to the eBook, it is pretty good and much more in depth than most. It includes lessons on money management, basic analysis and how to build a system as well as information on the trading tools available on the website. The best thing about the ebook is that you can read it right there on the website in a PDF reader rather than having to download it to your computer.


What really sets this education center apart from all the rest is the sheer number of the videos. There are videos for everything starting with the Tutorials. These are short snippets that show each of the features works, features like call/puts, rollover, ladders, forex and the iFollow copy trading. Next in line is the VOD, video on demand, section which includes 21 videos, over 5 hours, on subjects ranging from basic technical analysis through candle stick signals, emotions and risk. These are supported by the Courses which are advanced videos that tie together the subjects covered in the VOD section. All in all a very neat little package.



My Last Thoughts On Redwood Options Educational Resources

I think this broker has great educational resources. Not only are they complete, they are available in a number of formats. You can download and print the ebook, or read it on the website, and then compliment that with the video courses. The VOD and Tutorials touch on all the bases and provide a good foundation for more advanced concepts such as are described in the Courses. The thing to remember is that all of this is also supported by intensive one on one training. The caveat with this as with all resource centers is that it is not the holy grail for your success, just a starting off point. But it is a very good starting off point.