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Gone in 60 Seconds, aka G60S… The Fun Approach to Binaries

G60s Binary Options Strategy Review – Martingale Fun!

Binary Options should be easy, right? So why complicate them? Binary Options should bring you quick profits. So why use long term expiries? Binary Options should be fun like roulette. So why not use a Martingale approach… Yeah, we are gonna make Binary Options FUN again so we are gonna talk about a simple 60 second strategy combined with Martingale of course. I just “invented” it… of course, I have no idea if it’s profitable or if it has a high accuracy, but we’re going to have fun. Martingale and 60 seconds trading are the things “we love to hate” or “hate to love”, I can’t really remember, so let’s stop fighting it… everybody is using them anyway.



How to use the “G60S” Strategy

For this strategy we will use 2 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) and a custom Meta Trader 4 indicator called Retracement Finder which is available for download at the bottom of this article. After all, it wouldn’t be nice of me to give you a strategy, tell you how awesome it is and not provide the main indicator of that strategy. Ok, I guess everybody is familiar with Moving Averages so I am not going to waste anymore time explaining formulas or what they do, but what you need to know is that “Gone in 60 Seconds” uses a 50 period EMA and a 200 period EMA for trend recognition. When 50 EMA is above 200 EMA, the trend is UP and when 50 EMA is below 200 EMA, the trend is… you guessed it: DOWN.


Once we have identified a trend, we must find a retracement. What do you know, that’s exactly what the Retracement Finder does. A move above or below the zero level signifies a retracement according to this indicator so in an uptrend we will wait for the Retracement Finder to move below zero and then back up, above this level (opposite for a downtrend). Almost forgot: we will use a setting of 20 for this indicator (the first row in the settings list). Here is how your chart will look like:


Gone in 60 Seconds Strategy


On the chart the Blue line is EMA 50 and the Green line is EMA 200. Since EMA 50 is above EMA 200, an uptrend is in place. Now we need a retracement lower: this is signaled by the Retracement Finder going below zero. The first bar that goes back above zero is our trigger to enter the trade (vertical Blue lines). Let’s sum it up:


Call Entry:

  1. EMA 50 is above EMA 200
  2. Retracement Finder goes below zero
  3. Retracement Finder goes above zero


Put Entry:

  1. EMA 50 is below EMA 200
  2. Retracement Finder goes above zero
  3. Retracement Finder goes below zero


Expiry time: 60 seconds


Money Management: Pure Martingale – double all losing trades.



Why does “G60S” Suck?

The answer to this question couldn’t be more obvious: because it uses Martingale and 60 seconds options. How to overcome this disadvantage? Again, the answer couldn’t be more obvious: eliminate the Martingale money management and use a higher time frame. Piece of cake!



Why “G60S” doesn’t Suck?

Hmm, are we talking about the original version, the one with Martingale and 60 seconds expiry? Or about the “normal” one? Because if you use a higher time frame, you might actually have a simple trend following strategy which gives you a good place to join the trend. EMA 200 and EMA 50 are considered some of the most reliable moving averages and with good reason, while the Retracement Finder gives you an exact entry.



Acting like a Maniac… Whiplash!

Maybe you are wondering why I created this strategy for 60 seconds and Martingale if I don’t like them. Meh, I don’t have an answer… I just woke up thinking about an easy strategy and then I imagined the inevitable questions: Can I use it for 60 seconds expiry? What if I would apply a martingale on it…? So, there you have it: a fun strategy which makes you trade franticly, with higher and higher amounts… maybe when I say “Gone in 60 seconds” I am referring to an account which is traded this way. To make trading even more “fun”, probably listening to Metallica’s “Whiplash” while trading would be a good addition. That and a lot of coffee… However, if that is not your definition of trading (and I hope it’s not), maybe you’ll want to get rid of the 60 second expiry and the Martingale. But then again, it’s your money and if you’re trading Binary options you are probably over 18 years old, so who am I to tell you what to do with your money.


 Downloads Available:


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