Introducing New Broker to Approved List: ZoneOptions

What do you look for in a Broker?

So what do you look for in a broker? High Returns? Crazy Bonus and Promotions? Nice Brand Name? Or maybe just a photo of a yacht cruising the ocean with a bunch of half naked girls on board? If your answer was YES to one of the above questions, or if you have any other rather stupid reason for your choice of a Binary Options Broker – you’re in the wrong place. (former team just doesn’t care about these things. What we care about is reliability, withdrawal or any other phrase or verb that pronounce one simple action: keeping your money safe. Yes, it’s true. We all want a sport car and a pretty girl, but as long as your profits are on paper or behind a screen only, nothing is for sure. Long story short – we look for scam free brokers. How do we decide? By trying, collecting client’s feedbacks and data all over the place and talking with those in charge. Every once in a while, our team comes up with 1 broker, one outstanding broker that proven its reliability through the most important factor – Time.



ZoneOptions – Reliability Test: Passed.

I’m happy to introduce our readers a new and exciting prospect – ZoneOptions. The broker was launched already on 2011 and is based on the user-friendly trading platform’s technology provider Tech Financials (The same platform used by the well known 24Option, open to US clients). ZoneOptions passed our tough test, the No Complaints over time test. Yes, I know I could’ve shortened this title. But I like it. BOTS team has been following this broker for 8 months now, searching all over for client’s feedbacks and complaints. I’m happy to approve this test today, after reading my team positive feedback and chatting with a close friend of mine, ZoneOptions clients, a happy client successfully withdrawn his profits. Summing it up, ZoneOptions provides their clients warm welcome promotions other than the regular hard-to-unlock deposit bonus, reliable trading environment and good customer service. Our team will continue monitoring this broker; any feedback/complaints/thoughts are welcomed.


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StockPair, 24Option and ZoneOptions Regulation Coming Soon

ZoneOptions officials confirmed to (former reporter that they are well aware of the situation in Cyprus, nevertheless they have no intention to stop regulation process within the country. Unlike many “Fishy” brokers, ZoneOptions proudly admits that they are located in Cyprus, for tax reasons; therefore they aim for local regulation.


ZoneOptions follows the footsteps of another well reputed broker, StockPair, which recently announced that they have no intention to withdraw their CySec applications and will continue the process of regulation in the EU country. BOTS team will continue to monitor StockPair progress, waiting for the final approval by the local authorities.


24Option Continues seeking other EU Regulation channels.



StockPair Continues to Invent with More Time Frames Made Available

Last, but defiantly not least – StockPair, the only Binary Options and Pair Options Trading Platform Provider, has recently added more expiry time options – 10 minutes and longer (monthly) expiries. The reason for that is StockPair’s desire to stretch time frames in order to make more strategies and trading indicator available for the traders. The short 10 minute time frames will suit the day traders while the longer time frames are reserved for the more conservative traders.


 Tech Financials, the Platform provider of 24Option and ZoneOptions, will start providing 2 minutes expiry options.