IQOption Education Center – Does It Pass The IQ Test?

High IQ Or Forest Gump, IQOption Trader Education

IQOptions, an interesting name and an interesting broker. This is a stand alone platform that offers a refreshingly new interface for traders. The broker is regulated, comes with a host of features and includes an education center. This broker has been around for a little while in and in that time has grown from an unregulated iffy broker to one with a growing presence in the space of regulated binary options. Since this is a review of the education materials the question is, does this broker pass the binary options education IQ test?



Full Review Of IQOption Binary Options Education Center

I have to admit that with the way the website is set up I expected a little more in the way of educational materials. The site has a certain bling quality to it that is attractive and makes it look more professional than many of the white labels you see around the internet. I was not surprised to see that much of the material relies on videos but I was surprised to see that that is all there really is to see. They have an extensive line-up beginning with three about the platform and how to trade, followed by a short series on candlesticks and a few basic strategies.


The videos are set up in two categories, ultimately. The ones you can get for free and the ones you can get with a sign-up and by sign-up I mean minimum deposit of $10. The free videos are as I said, introduction to the platform and some very basic cadlestick information. The videos are barely longer than a minute, most in the range of 30 seconds, and really barely scratch the surface of these signals and what they mean. In my opinion they are just enough to get someone trading, and losing.


The advanced videos really aren’t anything more. They cover a few slightly more advanced strategies but again are barely more than a minute and do little more than scratch the surface. These include basic Bollinger Band, RSI, Moving Averages and what they call the Alligator. Don’t get me wrong, the videos are useful and by watching them all you will learn a little but by no means are they enough to really get someone trading successfully. Notably missing are videos on money management and trader psychology. These are two of the most important factors in long term success with binary options and make up significant portions of other resource centers at better brokers.


There is an FAQ page and it has a lot of answers but shouldn’t be counted as a true resource for your education. Some of the questions are what is a call, what is a put blah blah blah. Other questions include minimum deposit, minimum trade and minimum withdrawal … all good answers to know but not useful in terms of making money in the market. They also have a free blog with weekly market updates, a good read for traders who are already up and running but not a source for newbies.



Forrest Gump Still Got Rich

Well, IQOption fell flat on its face in terms of educational materials. If you rely on them to teach you how to trade you won’t even be as smart as Forrest Gump, trading isn’t like a box of chocolates where even the bad ones are still chocolate. This broker only has videos, videos are good but they aren’t the only method to get information across. Worse, the videos suck, they are really short, they are incredibly basic and to get them all you have to have an account. I definitely can not recommend them for your trader education but that doesn’t mean they might not be a good broker for you. You can always get your education at a better source, like here on BOTS for example, and trade IQOption if they are the right broker for you.