Looking for a Job? The Binary Options Industry is Not All About Trading

I guess a trader’s ultimate goal is to cover all their expenses with money made from trading. Bills, clothes, food and big boy’s toys – all gained from the market. Cool, but that’s not always the case because trading, as most of you probably know, is not easy-peasy. It takes a lot of work, dedication and most of all, time: time to learn, to practice and of course, time to watch charts and actually to put on trades. During all this time, bills keep coming in and food must be put on the table, so here are a few job options you might consider while learning to become a full time binary options trader.


Account Manager

Of course, to be an account manager, working for a broker, you would think you have to know how to trade already. Well… the truth is somewhere in the middle. Think of all the account managers you’ve met or heard about: they all claim to have years (even tens of years) of experience under their belts. I am sure they know a bit about trading, but most of them are just pulling rabbits out of their hats when they talk about their experience. So you’d better start working on your story and fictive background as a trader. On the other hand, you could get a job as an account manager and actually try to help your clients – of course, for that you have to know what you’re talking about.


Marketing Representative

I am not sure that’s the job title, but brokers go to great lengths to have a positive reputation and good online presence. For this they need people to work for them and praise them on forums, to post positive user reviews, leave a link here and there, etc. There are hundreds of binary options brokers and new ones come out every other week or so and all these brokers need armies of marketing guys. Join their ranks if you feel that’s for you.


Live Chat Representative

Together with their website, the Live Chat is a broker’s “calling card”. These are the first things a client comes into contact with: the website is obviously the first thing and then, for more answers, the potential client turns to Live Chat. If the person they meet there is friendly and helpful, the brokerage stands a higher chance to “fish” a new client, so they need good representatives. Nowadays brokers offer support in many languages so chances are you can get such a position even if you don’t speak English.


Market Analyst

This one is a bit harder to get because you obviously need experience in the field of binary options trading, but if you’ve got what it takes, maybe this is a good choice for you. Many brokers offer Market Outlooks/Reviews on a daily basis and they need someone to write it for them (assuming they don’t do it in-house). If your technical and fundamental analysis skills are decent, you could contact a few brokers and pop the question. Most of these daily articles are written in English so if you are not proficient, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t ask for such a job.


Logo Designer

For this one you need special skills but if you have them, it would be too bad to let them go to waste. Logos and banners are very important, considering there are so many binary options brokers, signal providers, robot sellers and app creators and they all need their individual visual appearance. In fact even review websites such as ours need banners and logos, so go ahead and try to contact some.


Forum Spammer

If you really need money maybe you can find yourself a product and start spamming every forum, promoting it. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to do it but you will be banned or made fun of on most forums where you go. I have no idea how it works and where you get your money from… or if the pay is good enough. Maybe the seller of the product you are promoting will pay you depending on the quality of your spam or maybe for quantity. I don’t know, but I never thought I would ever use the words “spam” and “quality” so close together.


Do the Job, Get Paid, Prepare for Tomorrow

Most of the jobs above wouldn’t be my first choice if I were looking for employment, but we can’t always do only the things that make us jump up and down with joy. Sometimes (read ”often”) we have to compromise and do things we dislike, just so we can get by in life. Sure, it’s not an utopia, but the bills don’t pay themselves, so do your best at your job even if it’s not the best job in the world and never forget it’s just a phase you go through until you are ready to make a living out of trading.