MagnumOptions Trader’s Education Review – Webinars and Fun

Full Review of MagnumOptions Educational Resources for Traders

Magnum Option is another innovative new broker built on the tried and true SpotOption platform. As such it is host to some great trading and offers up a decent amount of education to boot. Not only do they provide the materials I expect to find on any halfway decent broker they actually keep them up-top-date. This is not the best education center I have ever seen, but it is top shelf quality providing the tools necessary to get a newbie on the right path to long term binary options success.



A Magnum Of Education Or Another Empty Promise?

Let’s be honest, Magnum Option is built on a white label platform. This means it is not the “innovative” broker the website proclaims but yet another broker with near identical features. This does not mean it is a bad broker, many of today’s top brands are built on white labels, but it does mean there are other brokers with which to make a direct comparison. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the least a broker built on this platform could do and 10 being the most I would give Magnum an 8. This broker makes full use of the basic tools and goes the extra mile to include educational features not found on the average SpotOption broker but not quite so much as to be outstanding. Materials include basic articles describing what binary options are and how the products work, a comprehensive list of FAQ’s, a “Trading Academy”, daily/weekly market reviews, live webinars and an ebook.


The Trading Academy is prominently listed in the top navigation bar on the main web page. Clicking it will take you to Magnum Options video training center. This is where you fill find over a dozen in depth videos introducing you to every aspect of binary trading. The course starts out with the basics of binary options and how to use the platform and then move on to more advanced topics like account management, trader psychology and advanced trading techniques. These videos by no means cover everything there is to know about trading but do serve as an important guide into what it is an aspiring trader will need to learn. The glue that binds the Magnum Options educational program together is the live webinars. The broker offers a series of regular live webinars ranging in topics from how to use the platform to how to trade and on to more advanced techniques.


One thing that sets Magnum apart in this area is that the daily and weekly market reviews are up to date unlike a lot of what you will find on a less respected broker. Too many times such reviews are hopelessly out of date and of no use to anyone. Another thing is the webinars, they actually exist. Many brokers offer webinars but don’t follow through with them because they are only meant to attract the unsuspecting newbie. The ebook is a waste of time, as they usually are, because it doesn’t have anything in it you can’t find on the website.



My Final Thoughts On MagnumOptions Education

Magnum Option has done a thorough job of offering up the proper educational materials for new traders. They provide all you will need to know to get onto the platform and start trading with a reasonable degree of confidence. In addition to the basic information they also provide a deeper look into the tools used by successful professionals and how to apply them to binary options. Along with these are webinars to help you make sense of all that you have learned. My caveat is that it might not be enough to be truly successful in the long term. Magnum provides a foundation that can be built on and a stepping stone to a deeper understanding of the market but falls short when it comes to doing anything more than scratching the surface of any one topic.


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