“Market Will Change, Being Passionate To Provide the Clients Always Win!” – Close Interview with StockPair

One on One: Martin Goes 1-1 With StockPair

1. Let’s start from the beginning. We know StockPair for many years now; you always had a warm place in our hearts. We never really talked about day 1, and the days before. Can you please describe our readers how did StockPair started?

StockPair started with the goal to provide traders with the best, accurate and transparent trading experience. We wanted to control every aspect of the client experience so we developed our own technology and platform, we first invented Pair Options, and then added Binary Options and other trading products.



2. What’s the difference between StockPair today and StockPair 4 years ago?

The core values of the company are the same, but otherwise so much have changed. Thanks to our incredible team we have managed to grow fast and develop automated systems to improve the service to our clients, for us it’s only the beginning, the number one rule is never sit still..



3. Many brokerages consider themselves innovators without any apparent reason. Fortunately, you don’t fall into that category and I see you really strive to innovate, with a clear example being KIKO Options. Considering that one of the biggest hurdles for traders is choosing the right expiry time, KIKO Options could be the next big thing so please tell us more about this new type of options.

KIKO’s concept is simple – there is the current market price and 2 target prices, below and above. If the price cross he target in the direction the client indicated he gets a payout, and if the opposite happens the option expires. As you mentioned, no expiry is needed. It is a great instrument for traders who are deploying technical strategies.



4. Are KIKO payouts similar to regular UP/DOWN payouts?

In most cases they are



5. Will you offer refunds for Knock-Out options?

Our clients prefer best payouts for ITM , over receiving refunds.



6. Are KIKO options available only during some market conditions or all the time?

All the time



7. In a strongly trending market, will KIKO payouts change? (A Knock-In in the direction of the trend is easier to achieve, so will the payout be lower?).

No, and that is one of the advantages.



8. Will you attempt in some way to “protect” your KIKO innovation and prevent other brokers form offering it? Will KIKO type options be available exclusively on the StockPair platform?

I don’t believe in stopping other from copying, and take it as a compliment when it happens… we would rather do it better and be one step ahead. As you know, our Pair Options have been copied, but still the clients prefer our product.



9. Speaking about innovative products, your first product was Pair Options. How popular is Pair Options compared to traditional binary options? Most of the traders start with Binary Options, in which we take advantage of the platform and offer true selling option and other features. Some segments prefer pairs, especially in certain market conditions. Are there any more products in the future of StockPair you want to reveal now?

I prefer to talk about products when they are nearer to launch…



10. I know many traders are using 3rd party software and online charting like MT4 or NetDania for better technical analysis. Are you thinking about introducing better charting and the ability to use technical indicators? If yes, when?

We are offering basic TA features on the platform, and evaluating advanced solutions as you mentioned, it will be available in a few months’ time.



11. Here’s a tough question. Do you think it’s Easy to make money with Binary options?

Not tough at all….. Generating profits and positive yield in any form of trading takes effort, knowledge and persistence (I guess that is true also for business….). It is difficult to compare between various markets and conditions, and the measure should over time and not in a certain short period.



12. Speaking of money, it seems like everyone today wants a piece of the action. The markets are flooded with signal service providers, autotraders and “bots”. Our community members tell us horror stories of fake products, nothing like they were promised. What’s StockPair’s policy towards those auto traders?.

As a neutral platform, we do not offer such services, and the clients can choose 3rd party providers. Like in any aspect of trading, it should be done with care, sound expectations and risk management. By the end the day, also technical analysis is meant to create “signals” to its user, so it’s all about the expatiation. We have quite a few clients who built their own software, and others are using various software products. There are very successful “blackbox” companies in the world, so the issue is not the software, but how is it sold, who should use it and how.



13. Thank you very much for your time and answers. Before we finish, we would love to get inspired. What does the future holds for binary options trading in general, and StockPair in specific?

Like the saying goes, it’s Difficult to make Predictions, especially about the future…. StockPair will continue to lead, evolve and offer clients online trading experience in multiple products. The market will change, being passionate to provide the clients with the best experience will always win.


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