New Approved Broker – FINMAX Takes the Lead

We’re continually searching for brokers that are worth our trust so we can recommend you a safe place to trade Binary Options. The latest broker to make our short list of approved and recommended brokers is Finmax.


Consistency is a Key Factor for Finmax

After careful consideration and detailed review, we’ve decided that Finmax will take a respected spot on our Recommended Brokers list, due to their consistent performance over the years they’ve been active. Any major regulatory watchdog hasn’t flagged them, and the overall user opinion is positive, without significant complaints. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t find a single complaint online about Finmax, but every company has a few unsatisfied customers here and there. Do you think McDonald’s has 100% satisfied clients?

Another reason why they are now an Approved broker is due to their platform. How many times you’ve heard me complain that it’s impossible to do technical analysis on the platforms of 99% of the binary brokers out there? I bet a lot of times. This is where Finmax does things differently: they’ve partnered with TradingView to bring their traders Advanced charts, with full technical analysis possibilities. Charts are big, fill the whole screen and allow you to draw, add indicators, moving averages… yea, that little thing called Technical Analysis. The platform itself is provided by TradeSmarter, has a full range of features and is intuitive to use.


Going for the Bulls: CFD and FX for Advanced Traders

Finmax has recently added FX and CFDs. This type of trading is gaining a lot of popularity lately and it’s almost a must-have for a good broker. Something else that’s gaining a lot of popularity is cryptocurrency trading and again Finmax delivers by offering Bitcoin, with other cryptos to follow soon.

The Binary Options industry is getting a facelift, and there’s a new wave of brokers stepping up to the challenge. This new wave is formed of brokers who understand that people are fed up of being lied to and also that traders need new instruments like FX/CFD and cryptocurrencies. To us, Finmax is part of this new wave – let’s call them Binary Brokers 2.0 – and for all of the reasons above we’ve decided to grant them entry in our Recommended Brokers list. Don’t disappoint, Finmax!

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