October Trading with the Geek Tips Results – Rock Solid 65% Return of Investment!

Trading with the Geek Recap of October: High Returns For The Month

October was a good month for the old Geek, if I do say so my self. There was a lot of noise for the market to deal with but the longer term trends held true. Good thing I like the trend and trade with it often. Because of the noise and volatility during October I chose to make more trades with one month expiration than I normally do. This led to a light month for closed trades but has set up November to be a particularly good month as well. There were only 4 Monday’s in October for a total of 20 tips, that plus a few extra trades I made brings the number of trades placed up to 22. I am still climbing up the leader board and took over the third spot this month. If you factor in the cost of my open trades my return % is more like 15%.


geek october recap


There were only 14 trades closed in the month of October, including 2 bonus trades. Remember, this section includes trades that were opened in the previous month but closed in the current month. Out of those 14, 9 were profitable making my win percentage for the month 64.3%! All the trades except 1 were my usual $100. I made one trade on a strong signal for $500 which really boosted my monthly returns.  My total return for the month was $2340, cost of trades closed was $1400. This is a profit of $940 and a 67% return on investment, not too shabby.


geek october recap results


So, as far as the monthly tips go I made 20 tips. At the end of the month 13 were still open. Out of those 13 nearly all (11) were in the money on the 1st of November. That is an 85% winning percentage if these trades all close in the money.


Total Cost Of Trading = -$1400

Total Return On Winners = $2340

Net Profit/Loss = $940 (+67% return of investment)


S&P 500 – 3/3

I made a total of 4 tips and 2 bonus trades on the S&P 500. Out of those 3 are closed including both bonus trades and 3 are still open. All three closed trades were profitable. Of those open trades all three are in the money at this time.



DAX – Bulls Ahead

The German DAZ has been my choice for riding the bull in Europe. This month the index did not disappoint. I made two tips on the DAX, one is closed at a profit and the other is open and in the money.



Gold – Still Open

I am and have been bearish on gold for many months. The metal has been very volatile and I see no reason for it to move higher at this time. I made four tips on gold, one was profitable and three are still open. Of the open trades two are in the money and the other is not.




The yen has been a tricky trade. My long term view and analysis is that the pair will move higher. In the near to short term it is stuck around the 98 level. I made four tips on the pair this month, one is closed, at a profit. All open trades are in the money at this time.




I thought I had made a big mistake with the Euro, turns out I was just a little early. Good thing I used a lot of monthly expirys. One trade is closed, profitably. All open trades are in the money.



Stock Trades – Losers

I traded twice on stocks this month. Once on JPM and once on Apple. JPM was impacted by DOJ proceedings and a huge settlement charge. This trade was a loser. Apple was also a loser, that market is just whacky, I can’t figure it out.