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Based on the unique “Tech Financials” Binary Options Trading platform, OptionFair were one of the first Brokers to offer One Touch options and Boundary options. A growing number of trader’s trade daily using this great platform which only keeps getting better and better; only recently OptionFair announced the launching of a new trading option – No Touch Option, which is exactly the opposite of the familiar One Touch Option offered by almost all brokers. Innovation was always an important value for OptionFair and Tech, nevertheless, it seems like many traders, including myself, still haven’t discovered the advantages of OptionFair. I think that after all the investment on technology, they forgot about marketing; bots.com have been researching this broker for 4 months now, but the question yet remains – where were you(Option Fair) all this time?? I believe the next paragraph will provide some answers.



OptionFair – All about the Brand Name

I’ve always adored unique and meaningful brand names. Almost every brand name has a certain meaning, which makes it different than others in a certain way the founders wanted it to be. OptionFair founders defiantly caught my attention. The most obvious meaning of OptionFair is a fair, Option’s fair. A fair is a certain meeting place where people gather to exchange goods, have fun or in this case, trade. The second, which is also quite obvious, is the fairness. Now that’s a very dangerous promise; only recently I stumbled upon a plumber advertisement: “tired of being fooled? Honest plumber! Call 123-123!”. Would you believe this guy? I didn’t. Fairness is one quality that should be checked over and over again just to be 100% sure you’re not being fooled. I sent my team to research OptionFair over 4 months ago to try and figure out these two questions, are they really a fair and fair, and if so, where were you all this time?



Why did we Approved OptionFair?

As always, bots.com provides an explanation for all changes on the trusted Binary Options brokers list. After months of monitoring and researching OptionFair, we have decided to approve OptionFair for several good reasons. Here it is. First, negative comments. We’re always looking for what traders, clients or affiliated people have to say about the company. It’s been more than a year now, barely a few authentic negative comments concerning OptionFair was made on bots.com. More importantly, we’ve heard positive comments from OptionFair clients. Second, we had the chance to talk with their CEO. My personal first impression from him felt right, like this is the guy I want to handle my deposits. He also mentioned that a new webinar will be available for free by the end of October. Thumbs up. Third, and not less important- high returns (up to 89%!), real live quotes from SaxoBank and Leverage, and finally- process of regulation. Bots.com will keep you updated with all news and development concerning regulation as we are really looking forward to it.



So where have you been all this time?

Fairness – Checked. Option’s Fair – defiantly lots to offer. So how come OptionFair still stands under the shadow of other shady brokers? Marketing, Marketing and Marketing. While most brokers invest in advertisements and public relations, OptionFair invested on trading platform. Only recently (around 4-6 months from now) OptionFair the broker set apart from Tech Financials, the platform provider. When the trading platform was first launched, OptionFair directed both the binary options broker and the trading platform. When you have to invest both on technology and marketing with limited sources, one must choose a direction. OptionFair gambled on Technology while most other binary options brokers use exterior platforms providers, so when other brokers became more and more familiar, OptionFair remained quite behind. I believe that this change would only do well to a firm broker like OptionFair, meanwhile, Bots.com team will keep monitoring and reporting to our readers.  


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