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The Geek’s “What Not To Do” Binary Options Strategy

How To Blow, I Mean Make, A Million Bucks!

Why go to the trouble of losing you money through frustrated attempts trying to make sense of someone else signals when you can trade on your own and have some fun at the same time. Most strategies are guaranteed to bring you profits but what they really bring is frustration, right? They are usually hard to use, come with conflicting indicators and usually result in doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do, which is make you money. Well my friends, I am not here to blow smoke up your bung hole because this strategy definitely won’t make you a million bucks. I don’t even know if you can make any money using it but it might make you laugh and that’s worth a million bucks, right?



What Exactly Is The What Not To Do Strategy?

The What Not To Do Strategy is a combination of the most popular methods in binary options for making the really big money. It harnesses the power of bonuses, guarantees success through Martingale and paves the pathway to a wild ride of profits and ultimate personal satisfaction. This strategy, believe it or not, relies on “trusted” indicators and is suitable for all level of traders.


1. The first thing you need to do is be prepared to charge head first into the market. Trading is easy, just like all the web sites say, so you have no need to waste time on education when you can be making REAL money.


2. I suggest you skip right over the demo account if they have one. It’s only there to keep you from taking real money from the broker anyway. Again, why waste time practicing something you can do with your trusty indicators that are always right and never lead you astray.


3. If you’re going to make some money you are going to have to deposit some money. I suggest you deposit every dime you have because the more you start with the more you can make. Heck, if you have to you can use rent money or your kids savings because with this strategy you’ll be able to withdraw your capital pretty soon anyway.


4. While you’re at it you might as well take the bonus, I mean why not? You’re definitely going to win so clearing the minimum isn’t going to be a problem and enhancing your returns is always a good idea. Be sure to get the biggest one you can, it’ll help reduce your risk because trading with house money.


5. Once you’re account is set up you’ll be ready to trade. This is when you want to throw everything you have ever heard about actual trading out the window; you know what you’re doing and trading is easy. Start by trading against the trend because this is contrarian and contrarian trades make the most money. Use your indicators, I suggest as many as possible, to find signals. When you find one the next step is to complicate your analysis with more indicators until you reverse your original trade position.


6. You will of course want to use money management. You’re a smart fella, or chica, and are probably planning to start small because you know you will need room to Martingale. With this technique you will be guaranteed of profits, you’ll always make your money back no matter how many times you lose.


7. The last step is raking in the money. It’s time to pay the rent so a withdrawal is due. You’ve spent the month trading your last dime, you used the bonus to its fullest extent and traded more signals than any three automated systems can produce in a year. In that time you have Martingaled yourself to profits, recouping any losses along the way.



Why This Strategy Doesn’t Suck

This strategy doesn’t suck because it is easy to follow, requires little work on your part, enhances your returns with bonuses and Martingale’s your way out of any losses. You can use any indicators or signals or you want and are basically bound by no rules. It is the freest, easiest and most exhilarating way to trade the market by far.



Why This Strategy Might Suck

This strategy might suck because following any one of these steps, let alone all of them, will lead you to ultimate losses. What this strategy fails to reveal is that at withdrawal time one of several events is bound to have happened. The entire account may have been blown; the account may have been blown down to the initial deposit but have not met the bonus minimum; profits could have been made but still, no bonus minimum has been met; A second deposit could have been made with additional bonuses further entangling the trader or some other unfortunate event.



My Last Words On The What Not To Do Strategy

I hope by now you have realized that this is really a look at what not to do, and not a strategy I think you should follow. This is a totally bogus strategy based on some of the BS that shady brokers, scam SSP’s and other fraudsteres hope to get the gambler, dreamer or unsuspecting newbie to believe. My purpose is here was to entertain as well as enlighten, I hope I have succeeded.