Thinking of Attending a Trading Course? Make Sure you’re Ready for it

Binary Options Trading Courses, Who’s Making Money Here?

Binary options trading courses are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Some are free and some are paid but they all cost you money some how. Find out what to  look for in a trading course and where the best sources of binary options education can be found.


I’ve noticed recently that there are more and more advertisements for binary options trading courses. In general I am not against a trading course but who is really making money here? I, and the (former community, support trading course, coaches, mentors and other forms of binary options education. What I do not support are scams taking advantage of binary options, the industry and my fellow traders. In the future I may even recommend one trading course or another but until then I suggest sticking to our approved brokers and the trading school section for education.


What should I look for in a trading school/coach is a question I often get. The answer really depends on the individual trader and what their goals are. Not everyone trades them same way, not everyone uses the same analysis or signals and the same is true for trading education. The first thing you have to look for is what it is the course is teaching. What time frame analysis and signals are being used? What kind of technical indicators and what kind of assets? Is the system aimed at quick growth, does it rely on a Martingale or does it try to capture steady gains over the long term?  The best kind of course is one that actually teaches something you want to learn. Of course, you have to be very careful the course itself isn’t a scam.




Free Courses Usually Aren’t So Free

I have written on this topic before. There is always a price to pay when utilizing a free binary options trading tool, in this instance a course. Free is never really free, there is always a goal in mind. The most innocent of the trading courses and tools you will find will be using Adsense or some other form of passive affiliate marketing along with the content. The most advanced and potentially scam websites will require you to sign up and deposit money with their “recommended” brokers. What they don’t tell you is that they are making money every time they get some one to deposit. This doesn’t mean that all free courses are scams or even that the ones that require certain brokers be used are scams, it just means you need to know what you are getting into before you get into it.


Another cost of a free course or trading tip service is the quality. Think about it like this. If the service, course  or coach was good enough to be worth your time wouldn’t their time be worth more than $0? A free course may not be as good as the web marketing and SEO articles make it seem. Relying on such a service may save money up front but may end up costing you long term in losses to your account. I’d rather just spend my money on some books and teach myself as waste my time doing what somebody else told me to do. Isn’t trading binary options about personal freedom and choice?  We have entered the binary trading arena because we have chosen to and because of the freedom it gives us in trading. Where else can the average person trade commodities, forex, stocks and indices without fear of exaggerated losses or enormous margin requirements?




ThatSucks (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck).Com’s Trading School

There is a great place to go for everything there is to know about binary options and binary trading. The Trading School and forums over at Of course, I am biased and I recognize this but it is a great place to learn. The website is totally free and though it does make money as a binary affiliate there are no requirements to join any broker. In fact, we encourage everyone to do their own research and make their own decisions as well as reading our reviews and recommendations concerning which broker to use. The Trading School is broken up into categories like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced with subjects ranging from trading tools to strategies, theory and psychology. The forums are filled with actual binary traders and a staff of BOTS Trading Pros who make and post trades, ask questions about strategies and discuss current economics and market analysis.