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Summer Swoon? There’s Too Much Going On.

 This week is bound to be another one full of market moving events. Not only do earnings reports continue we also have a host of economic data from around the world and more speak from FOMC Chairman Ben Bernanke. Last week he put yet another spin on QE, tapering and market expectation. His follow up remarks to the FOMC rate decision at first seemed to be counter to his previous statements that tapering would begin by the end of the year. After dissection and review I, and the general market, came to the conclusion that he in fact said nothing new. Instead of saying that tapering would end soon and that interest rates would stay low for a long time he switched it up and said that interest rates would stay low for a long time and that data would determine tapering. I wonder what he will say this week.


Earnings season continues to boil this week as well. Monday morning saw the third of the big banks, Citi, report better than expected earnings just like it’s two cousins WFC and JPM last Friday. The banking sector is going to be hot this week because we also get Goldman earnings on Tuesday, Bank Of America on Wednesday and then BB&T and Morgan Stanley on Thursday. In between all of those will be dozens and dozens of small, regional financials as well. Not to mention the other dozens and dozens of reports from other S&P 500 companies.


Data will also be important this week. The market dodged a bullet “Made in China” when the Chinese government announced that GDP had grown 7.5% in the second quarter. This alleviated fears spurred by the same government just last week that China GDP would be disappointing. Early Monday data included Retail Sales and Empire Manufacturing. Both indicators showed positive gains. Later in the week look out for the Beige Book, CPI, mortgage index, jobless claims and leading indicators.




1.Earnings Lifting S&P 500

 S&P 500

Call/Put = Call

Entry = below 1680

Expiry = 1 week


 My Trading Advice

The S&P 500 is moving toward making an new all-time intra-day high. This development, in my opinion, is far more important than merely making a new closing high. The all time intra-day high adds another 15 or so points to the last chance for technical resistance. Citi profits were good and I expect to find more of the same throughout the week. Good earnings and expanding economic data should keep the markets moving up and over 1680.


Daily indicators are strongly bullish and point to higher stock prices. Longer term indcators are bearish but rolling over. The longer term analysis indicates support at these levels and a potential longer term entry signal. There may be a little sideways action this week but I am still in the bullish camp longer term. This week I am trading calls on the S&P 500. My target entry is below 1680 with a one week expiry.




2.DAX Supported By China And U.S. Data


Call/Put = Call

Entry = below 8230

Expiry = One Week


 My Trading Advice

The world markets, and especially the European markets, dodged a major bullet with China. Europe is heavily dependent on trade with China, a slowing economy there is not good for them at all. Expanding international markets are what the EU and Germany need. A steadily stable China plus a stable and growing U.S. economy is very good for the EU and Germany. The DAX is looking good to retest its previous highs around 8575. I am trading calls on the DAX with a target entry below 8230 and one week expiry.




3.Range Bound Euro


Call/Put = Call

Entry = Below 1.3050

Expiry = One Week


  My Trading Advice

The EUR/USD is range bound, trading between 1.2750 on the low end and 1.3250 on the high side. Indicators are bullish near term but the longer term analysis support my range theory. The trade is beginning to catch up with the fundamentals and since there is no expectation for changes from the ECB or the FOMC anytime soon I think this range could hold for a while. The medium point seems to be right around 1.3000, a line that has provided support and resistance more than once over the last 12 months. I am trading calls on the EUR/USD with a target entry below 1.3050 and one week expiry.




4.Yen Rides The Short Term EMA


Call/Put = Call

Entry = below 100

Expiry = One Week


 My Trading Advice

The USD/JPY trade is in the hands of short term traders and speculators. The recent bounce form 97.50 is catching a bid at the 30 day EMA as well. Currently resistance is around 100 but indicators remain bullish with plenty of room to move up. At this time Japan is deep in their devaluation plan with no end in sight while we are firmly focused on tapering. I am trading calls this week with a  target entry below 100 and one week til expiry.




5.Gold, To Buy Or Not To Buy


Call/Put = Put

Entry = Above $1275

Expiration = One Month


 My Trading Advice

The question is not whether you should buy or not but what should you buy. I am trading puts. Gold is yet to recover from the sharp drops we have seen this year and I see no reason for bullish behavior to set in now. The retracement to the $1275-$1300 level has failed to (at this time) to break above resistance and things look good for a retest of lows. My target entry is above $1275 with one month of expiration.




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