Trading Tip From The Geek – June Recap Net Profit of 10%

Trading With The Geek Recap – Another Profitable Month for the Geek

June was yet another profitable month for the Geek. It wasn’t my most profitable month but profits were had and that is what counts. My results, a little over 10% ROI which parlays into about a 7.5% return on my account for the month. Not to toot my own horn but I have to say 7.5%, on account, in one month is pretty dam good considering recent market volatility and the low interest rate environment in which we live. There were 5 Monday’s which means 25 tips for the month, out of those I won 15 for a monthly win rate of 60%. My long term rate remains steady at 58%.


Total Cost Of Trading = $12,500

Total Return On Investment = $13,875

Total Profits = $1,375 or 10%ROI


The one thing you will notice this month is an underlying theme, Greece. Lots of other important things happened but Greece was the one thing moving the market on a day to day basis. At this time the country has defaulted on one loan with the future unclear so it is likely to keep affecting the market into the near to short term. Something to to take not of, I made a change to how I present my tips this month that I think will be much better and more useful. Instead of writing an article to get published a day after I make my trades I am now going to be posting the tips directly in the forum. This means they are available as soon as I make the trades and will include all the same analysis as before along with updates on open trades and other tidbits of information.



Week One 6/1/2015

This was one of those rare Monday’s in which the month started on Monday. Not a big deal but it does mean a whole lot of data coming out all at once. This was the month we got some really great labor data and it was the beginning of a recent uptick in housing data. It was also the beginning of the Greek countdown to IMF default. The news coming out day to day was a big problem with volatility, for the whole month, and led to three losses this week. I profited on oil and the yen but the euro, gold and the SPX all tanked.



Week Two 6/8/2015

This week was the week I started to think we were going to see a correction, only thing is it took a few weeks for it to develop and when it did it was kinda wishy washy. Economic data was coming out and some of it, inflation data in particular, helped to put the fear of the FOMC back on the table. And through it all was Greece and all the BS they have been causing. I was however able to turn things around and win 3 out of 5 this week, only the SPX and the USO didn’t make me a profit.



Week Three 6/15/2015

This week a dose of weak global data, China Japan and Europe, helped to add a little pressure to the market. Alongside that oil prices were very volatile while the Yemen conflict rages on …. and the Iran nuclear deal is being hammered out, or not. And through it all was Greece. This is the week a payment had been due, but was bundled into a lump payment at the last minute, the payment that was not made on June 30th. The good thing that happened this week is that I got my act together and pulled four wins out of five, along with some bonus trades that have also finished in the money. This week only my trade on oil failed, but only because I used the wrong the expiry.


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