Ubinary, A Different Take On The Same Old Thing…With A Twist

Full Review of Ubinary Binary Options Education

At first glance Ubinary is obviously different from other binary options brokers. This was refreshing and led me to believe that this broker’s tools and resources could be different. In some cases I was right but in the end the tools provided are little different from the general run of brokers. One reason for the different appearance and set up is that Ubinary is powered by ParagonEX. ParagonEX is a white label fores, binary options and financial games software provider similar to SpotOption. ParagonEX is based in London but is not a regulated broker, exchange or financial services provider.


One of the biggest differences that first becomes apparent is a lack of how-to-trade instructions on the home page. There is a link to how-to-trade instructions on the home page that takes you to the website’s learning center.  Here you will find further links to items such as the glossary, FAQ’s, news and economic calendar. The two best features are the news and economic calendar but I will go into those later.



Why Ubinary Trader Resources Suck

The tools I found at Ubinary suck because there is nothing new or truly useful for new binary options traders. In fact, what I found could possibly be taken as a warning sign for newbies to stay away. Too many times the website mentions fun in combination with trading. Trading can be fun but if your trading binary options as a past time you may as well just throw your money away at the track or casino. This website only offers the most basic information on binary options and how to trade. The video tour, which I assumed would take me through the website, was a humorous cartoon about getting a hunch and then profiting wildly with binary options. Later I found the information I assumed would be in the video tour under the headings “platform guide” and “binary options guide”. Finding those two headings is a whole other story.


The two guides turned out to be about 10 pages of ebook you can download from just about any binary options broker. They are pretty and tell the basic tale of how to trade but that’s it. I’m really looking for some meat in this area and so far no broker has delivered. The guide did mention technical and fundamental analysis, about 1 sentence each and provided very little information. The glossary and FAQ’s were also of the standard variety but failed to answer a burning question I had; where is Ubinary located and how are they regulated. After some additional researching I discovered that Ubinary is headquartered in England and is currently unregulated.



Why Ubinary Trader Resources Do Not Suck

The resources here do not suck for two reasons. Financial News and the Financial Calendar. These two features are the best I’ve seen to date and enhance the long term usefulness of the learning center. The news feature is a compact and consolidated list of financial headlines from around the world. These headlines are supplied by Reuters and are great for binary traders. All too often sources of news are too focused on one market, country or political viewpoint. These headlines are global and provide useful insights for binary traders. The other, and in my opinion even more useful, feature is the economic calendar. This calendar is freaking awesome! I have found several places to find links to economic events but this calendar does all the work for you. It lists the major and minor events by country and day. It provides previous and estimated figures and updates very quickly. This calendar, like the news feed, is free to anyone and a tool that I will be using myself every week from now on.



My Last Words On Ubinary Trader Resources

The basic features are just that. Basic. Nothing I saw among the available webpages, ebooks and videos was new or substantially different from any other binary options broker I have reviewed. What does stand out is the news and economic calendar features. These two features,especially when used together, are a powerful tool for binary options. Traders from around the world can stay abreast of the market moving news and events that drive the financial markets. This website and these two features are a top notch asset for binary options trading.


 That’s it for the Educational side. Please see Ubinary full review for more details.