Ayrex Education Review – A Cutting Edge New Broker

Full Review of Ayrex Binary Options Educational Material

Ayrex is a cutting edge new broker with lots of great features, easy withdrawals and fast executions but does the education make the grade?



Ayrex Binary Options Broker Education Review – Lots Of Information For Traders

Ayrex is a brand new binary options broker with a cutting edge platform, fast execution and easy withdrawals. It, like all brokers, makes an effort an trader education but does it make the grade? Most brokers waste your time with cutesy little articles and short videos that are meant to teach you how to trade. The problem is that most of them fall far short of actually teaching traders how to be successful, mostly they teach traders just enough to be dangerous, to themselves. Ayrex however has taken a different route and one that I find to be refreshing.



Full Review Of Ayrex Binary Options Trader Education

All binary options brokers make an effort at teaching traders how to trade. Ayrex is no different, except they are. While most brokers will teach the rudiments of analysis, strategy, psychology and management but generally fall short of what is really needed for traders to be successful. Ayrex, well, they don’t offer any of that kind of education right now, they have chosen to focus on building the best platform they can and not waste time on the useless fluff you find at other brokers. This is to say that there is no education materials because there are, they are just focused in a different direction.


To be honest, this is a good thing. Brokers have a responsibility to teach you how to use their platforms, not to teach you how to win. After all, it is a huge conflict of interest for a broker to teach you how to be successful because the more you win, the more they lose and vice versa. Ayrex has gone above and beyond the call of duty in that they give detailed, and I mean detailed, instruction into every aspect of the platform, not just the simple 1-2-3 this is how you trade binary. If you want to learn to trade, use our School. For those who already have a grip on strategy, management and analysis Ayrex supplies a full and up-to-date economic calendar as well as current market news from around the web.


The very first thing I noticed when checking out the materials was that the Education tab was top center in the navigation bar. The second thing I noticed was that there is free demo platform available straight from the home page. The demo allows traders to practice using the platform so there is no confusion and is even available on the weekends. This may sound hokey, the markets aren’t open on the weekend, but they use the previous weeks data to drive price action providing an easy to use, and incredibly realistic, platform for demo trading, unlike some demo’s that let you win and win and build a false confidence.


When you go into the Education tab you will find a quick-start guide into how the platform works and how to deposit/withdraw. This is nothing fancy and frankly, doesn’t provide much depth beyond what other platforms do but there is more. This quick start guide is supported by a downloadable Platform Manual, not an eBook, a manual. It provides detailed and in depth instruction into the platform starting with how to make deposits, how to verify your account and how to make sure you are ready to get started using the platform. The glossary and FAQ’s are the same, little information about trading, but lots of information about how to use the platform in a way that guarantees success, so long as you make good trades.



My Last Thoughts On Ayrex Binary Options – Does It Suck Or Not?

My thoughts on Ayrex education is mixed. On the one hand it definitely sucks, there is no information about trading, as in strategy, tools, management or analysis. On the other hand it is definitely not sucky as they go above and beyond any other broker in their efforts to make sure that all traders know how to use the platform and all terms & conditions regarding use of the platform, account set up and bonuses. In the end, it definitely does not suck in terms of how to use the platform but if you don’t already know how to trade then you will need to find a different source for your technical analysis education.


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