BancDeBinary Education Review – Basic and Elementary Watson

Full Review of Banc de Binary Binary Options Education

Would you trust your teacher if he was self-promoting, incoherent, and un-knowledgeable about the subject at hand? Me neither. Banc de Binary does as well of a job at educating its traders as McDonalds does helping its customers keep in shape. They claim to have our intentions at heart, but at the end of the day, they are simply trying to sell us junk. While their trading platform looks aesthetically pleasing, their education section needs a major overhaul before it is fit for any audience whatsoever.




Banc de Binary – First impression: Basic and elementary

The website looks more like a blog than a financial company. I don’t want to invest a pretty penny into expect my broker to be a design specialist, but I do expect him to care enough about the future of his business making it look legitimate.




Banc de Binary – Basic Level Education: Lack there of

The broker has a tab called ‘education’, but I can’t imagine too many people have visited it more than once. The entire basic education section is composed of less than 10 points, each with a paragraph of text dedicated to them. I can forgive the obvious lack of educational content, but what I do not forgive is a lack of educational quality. Phrases went from misleading to just plain wrong. The website asserts that trading is an easy feat. I cringe at such a statement. Anybody who has ever traded can tell you that it is one of the most difficult things they have done. So for the second section of the beginner part of an education resource to tell a newcomer that trading is easy, is an insult to them as it has warped expectations, but also an insult to those who know otherwise. It’s just bad business. The website might as well have a big sign saying, “I’m trying to sell you something”.




Banc de Binary – Medium Level Education: A waste of time

The advanced education part of the website named, ‘advanced articles’. Gave me hope that this website might yet still be worth my time. My hope was quickly crushed however when I realized that the section should have actually been called, “general FAQ”. There is an article about how to withdraw money from their platform in the section. Absurd! The whole structure of the education is completely incoherent and just looks as though someone decided that they needed a bit of content and threw random articles together.




The conclusion

All you can expect to find on this website is confusion. There is no value offered in the ‘education’ they claim to provide. The website looks like it was thrown together by some junior developer and passed off as a professional resource where people are intended to pass over legitimate sums of money. I would not trust BBinary with my education or my money. Do yourself a favor and just click next, or check out BBinary Review.