Binary Options Traders Polls – What can we Learn from them?

Polls – What can we learn from them?

Opinions and the right to share them with the world – that’s the backbone of every internet community, website, forum or chat room. Heck, it’s the main characteristic of a democracy. That’s what I think, but the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to agree with me. Everybody is entitled to have their own opinions. But sometimes, people consider a different opinion as a personal attack: “Oh, so you disagree? You are my sworn enemy from now on!” I don’t understand why that has to happen, but if you are a regular reader of different trading forums, you know it does. Of course, some people just disagree for the fun of it and although they don’t have a clear opinion on a specific topic, they feel the need to argue about it.



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Opinions are not only free to have but also beneficial to others. A newbie can learn a lot from the opinions of a guy who traded for several years, made mistakes and learned from them, but the regular trolls who disagree with everything can disrupt such an opinion sharing environment and that’s where polls come in. Once you click one of the poll’s predefined answers, you can be almost certain that no bickering is going to start about your opinion. Or you can just decide to view the poll results and get a feel of the collective opinion. Probably this is the main advantage of a poll: finding out what the majority thinks about a certain subject. Of course, opinions differ but the majority shares one. Now let’s think a moment about this: did you ever hear about the statistic saying that 95% of traders are losers? I don’t really know how accurate this statistic is but since I had my first contact with trading, I heard it over and over again and it seems to be almost an urban myth. Every step of the way I heard ”Ah, don’t get involved with trading; 95% of all traders blow their accounts”. It gets annoying, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion, remember? Ok, let’s assume for a moment the statistic is somewhat correct. Wouldn’t that mean the collective opinion which can be seen through a poll is… wrong? Since almost all traders are losers, maybe it means that we should do the exact opposite of what everybody else is doing in order to get a free pass to that exclusivist 5% Club. To be honest I’m not a big fan of this approach but… consider it food for thought.



Forum polls are the easiest way to determine the collective opinion about something; also the least intrusive way: click on the option you choose and that’s it. But don’t you feel annoyed by the street surveys/polls? You know, when a guy approaches you to answer some “quick” questions and he doesn’t seem to quit even if you tell him you’re in a hurry. “Oh, but it will only take 2 minutes” he says… and when you finally decide to answer those questions just to save you the embarrassment, you realize he has such a long list of questions that you will probably be there for a lot longer than you anticipated.. Then there are the phone polls or surveys: “Hi, I just wanted to ask what you think about…“ Oh, I really hate those. First of all, how come you have my number because I don’t remember me giving it to you and second, how would you feel about me phoning you at home for a “quick survey”? I bet he wouldn’t like it that much.



 And your Favorite Binary Options Tool is…?

On a lot of forums I see polls that ask about traders’ favorite Binary Options indicator. Well, I cannot answer that because I use more than one and each of them is mandatory for my strategy and also equally important because otherwise I wouldn’t have it up on my charts just to take up room. I cannot say I have a favorite indicator. I may have a favorite movie, music band or dish…but a favorite indicator? Nope, not really. Sometimes people ask me what I think about a specific strategy or system. “Do you like it?” Ha… if I like it?!? The truth is I couldn’t care less about what indicators, rules or what time frame a strategy uses. All I care about are the results. This is a game of numbers, not words or feelings so if a strategy makes me money, I LIKE IT! The only reason trading is my main profession is to make money. Period! I’m not doing this to find a strategy that “I like”. If a counter trend strategy proves profitable in the long run, it doesn’t matter to me that I’m a trend following trader. I will ditch the trend following strategy in a heartbeat without ever thinking about it again. The only condition is to have proof about the higher profitability of the counter trend strategy. That being said, how can I answer a poll that asks me whether I like trend following or a counter trading? I can only answer with a question: Which one is proved to make me more money?



Do You Like Polls?

I’ve been checking lately some websites focused on polls and let me tell you, there’s a poll on almost anything and some of the questions are hilarious: “Do you like polls?” Yea, entering polls is my favorite past time activity. Another funny but probably irrelevant is “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” Yes, sure he’s my favorite superhero and we drink beers together every Tuesday evening. Anyway, one of my favorite polls is “Have you ever Phooned?” I bet you don’t know what Phooning is; I didn’t know either before I saw that poll, but I looked it up and now I’m starting to believe it’s a good way to celebrate my next winning trade. It’s kinda stupid actually, but in a funny way so if you want to know what it is, look it up. Whether funny or serious, polls help us see the opinions of others and sometimes bring a smile to our faces but I see limited use for them when it comes to fun: if I’m in a mood for something funny, I will watch idiots on YouTube rather than read polls. The true benefit comes from showing us percentages of how many people agree or disagree with us on a certain topic. Come to think of it, this is not that important either… but that’s just my opinion.