Community Forum is Officially Up!

Discuss, Share and Learn from the PROS and fellow Binary Options Traders!

Good news for all Binary Options traders out there! After months of testing and lots of help from our friends I’m glad to announce that community forum is finally 100% active. Our Forum is uniquely designed as a simple platform for all Binary Options traders to join, discuss and learn trading from our pros and other community members. Feeling lost inside the Binary Options Jungle? No more. No more doomed comments on the bottom of the page, no lost cries for help. Here you can say what’s on your mind freely, ask and be answered, share and be heard, Discuss and learn from true experts and fellow traders as one. Together we can trade bigger; more learning and profits for newbies, more trading discussions for experts and a safer trading environment for all Binary Options Traders.


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 Bear Chills, the Ultimate Surviver, gets lost in the binary options jungle. Can he find his way out??

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So what’s on the Forum?

More Education for Newbies – Beginner’s Lounge, where you can ask and find basic information on Binary Options Trading, interact and exchange ideas with others or share your trading experiences


Safer Binary Options Environment – Check out Broker’s Area for more details on brokers. Find traders opinions on brokers or share your opinion with us


Strategies and Tools Discussions – The best strategies are always the most discussed ones. Find, ask or share information on Strategies and Tools under the watchful eyes of team!


Trading Tips for All – Live Trade Talk all DAY! Keep updated with all the best trading tips and moves directly from our PROS, or share your trading plans with others. team is here to help you make the right trading choices




Help the Binary Options Community Keep Growing!

We’ve built you homes, roads, gardens and schools. We brought electricity, built sewerage and provided clean water. The city council is ready, maintenance crew on hold and all civil services are in great shape ready for any crisis. All is left is you for you, the future habitants of “town”, to come join and help us foster this community. Only together we can create a safer binary options trading environment, learn and teach others how to trade better, and help ourselves and others profit more from live trading advices and recommendations from Pros and fellow trade. It’s free, and it’s all Binary Options – the brand new (former Community Forum. Join Us Today!



More to Come…