Dow Jones Focus Group Scam Review – All in on the Dow?

Dow Jones Focus Group Scam Review – Traders Beware!

What does a binary options scam artist do when fake testimonials are too easy to see through, thanks to our scam busters? What do they do when people are just getting smarter because your scam sites look just like all the rest? Well, they take scamming one step further. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the ‘Dow Jones Focus Group’, a software trading system for binary options with “proven” success. The Dow Jones Focus group is another binary options robot that will fail you.



Dow Jones? Breaking Bad, Pepsi, Angry Birds? MacGyver?

Behind the Dow Jones Focus Group is the head project manager for Angry Birds, Breaking Bad and Pepsi! Believe it or not, whatever successful business, snack, app or TV show you know, this guy claims he has been involved with it. I don’t know about you but that’s really unbelievable, I just can’t hold a straight face thinking about it…


Okay, so this dude claims he has been involved with such huge billion dollar projects yet here he is desperately asking us, begging us, to open an account with one of his partners in crime, a shady binary options broker. The crap he is trying to sell us is called Equinox. He claims people from Dow Jones approached him with this software and you know the rest… It’s gonna make you millions, you don’t need any experience, it’s limited to only a number of people and of course it’s trustworthy, it says Dow Jones on it. It “nox” the logic out of my head sometimes anyone can be naive enough to trust them but these guys go the extra mile when it comes to scamming.



Proven Success… All Lies!

If you thought the claims were far fetched wait! That was just the tip of the iceberg! This scam site has been editing and photoshopping real news events taken from legit websites such as CNN, Sky News and many others then posting them on their own website as if they were real news!. For example, the article at CNN about a single mom being joyful about winning the Powerball prize was edited to “single mom jumping and screaming after making millions of dollars with Equinox software”. Taking it too far aren’t we? I suppose when it comes to scamming people there are no limits, too bad the regulators aren’t doing much to stop it.


We, at (former made a video about the Dow Jones Focus Group, comparing the real articles with the edited version of articles to clear things up once and for all. It’s not as good as Breaking Bad but I am quite sure the Dow Jones Scam Group will be breaking bad soon. Oh the puns are never ending !


Time for Scam-Spam – Okane Style!

I have decided to name this part of the review Okane’s “Scam-Spam”. Whenever I review a scam site like this, I register using another scam sites support email address and a made up name. The goal is to have them spamming each other with their scam offers, hence the name Scam-Spam. The real goal however is that I can find out which broker is involved, along with any other shady offers, and save you the trouble of finding out the hard way.


In this case, the broker is a familiar scam artist named GTOptions. Don’t take my word for it, read our GTOptions review and scroll down and browse through the comment section under the review and you’ll see what I mean by “scam artist”. There is a very suspiciously tight partnership between the Dow Jones scam and GTOptions. The broker is clearly in on it because the Dow Jones Scam Group software and their BS pitch is even integrated in the brokers own platform! See for yourself in the picture below. Makes me wonder if the broker itself created the scam site?



You Better Check Yourself Before You Break Yourself!

As a trader that comes across so many scams on a weekly basis and knows all the dirty tricks it’s hard to believe people will fall for scam sites like this one. In reality, if you are new and greedy you will almost certainly fall for a similar scam and get burned. However, you shouldn’t feel stupid for believing the scams, you should only feel stupid for not doing enough research! Learn from your mistakes, get your facts straight first and invest wisely. Project manager of ‘Breaking Bad’? Pfffft, look who is being broken now. Because when it comes to busting scams; “I am the one who NOX!” – puns intended =).