Everybody is Trading Bitcoin – Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Join As Well

It seems like no matter where you go, people are talking about Bitcoin these days. It has become one of the top ways to make money online, and the community is very strong. Bitcoin is expected to There are a lot of different benefits that can come from trading Bitcoin, but the 7 most important reasons are outlined below:


1. Win Big with High Returns

For some of you, this will be enough. The returns traders and investors have been able to make on Bitcoin are bordering on the absurd. It still takes work and building a knowledge base, but the potential earnings are high enough to justify the time invested.

As an additional point, many of the exchanges allow for leverage, which means you are able to multiply your return on invested capital. This is the benefit of using trading exchanges in general, and as time goes on, more ways to supercharge your earnings are opening up. Soon you will likely be able to easily access futures and options on cryptocurrencies, which will change the game even more.


2. Replace Gold

Commodity trading (gold in particular) has been a solid money-maker for many years, but Bitcoin is starting to look like the perfect replacement. It is fundamentally the same in terms of use (a hedge against the dollar, scarce, fungible), but is more easily traded. With gold, you often have to worry about the storage of the physical gold, whereas the storage of Bitcoin is more easily managed.


3. Diversify Your Earnings

Having multiple income streams is important in this day and age. A lot of people find themselves overinvested in a certain field, and it leaves them exposed to rapid changes in the world. By adding an extra source of earnings that is uncorrelated to your other income, you can make your finances far less risky.


4. Hedge Against a Major Economic Collapse

Bitcoin is the anti-dollar. You’ll find the more you read about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the more you understand that most enthusiasts believe the dollar is going to collapse and that Bitcoin will replace it.

Bitcoin is a volatile asset, but it experiences countercyclical pressures than the US equity markets. So not only are you diversifying your earnings, but you’re also hedging against something going wrong in the economy at large.


5. Trade From Anywhere in the World

Who doesn’t crave the freedom to travel all they’ve ever wanted? So many income sources require you to be in one place in order to earn money, but trading Bitcoin can be done from anywhere in the world. The exchanges might require you to be from a certain company to sign-up, but the operation of your account can be done from anywhere.

Additionally, the exchanges are open 24/7, which means you can work whenever you want or as little as you want.


6. Learn About Trading and Investing

It is important to understand the broader economic landscape in order to know how various factors are going to affect your trades or investments. When you begin trading Bitcoin, you will have a steep learning curve to face in order to bring you up to speed on everything.

The psychology behind trading, as well as technical analysis and the intricacies of cryptocurrency, will not only be helpful in building a strong knowledge base for cryptocurrency trading but all other trading as well.


7. Gain Access to Venture Capital Level Investments

Right now, if you wanted to invest in an early stage start-up, you would need to have a large amount of money and income. Legislation has requirements that have been put in place to prevent unsophisticated investors from making big bets and losing all their money.

Cryptocurrencies work directly contrary to that, and it is possible for anyone to participate and experience similar returns to venture capital firms, but without having to make million dollar investments.


The Bottom Line

The 7 reasons outlined above cover a variety of different angles. Not only is it a prudent investment decision and a good way to participate in a new economic trend that is poised to change the world, but it also is a great way to learn a lot.