Football Clubs, Fashion and Binary Options Brokers. Branding Baby!

Binary Options Industry is Gaining Momentum – Partnerships Established

If you thought that binary options were a flash in the pan think again. There is new evidence that proves binary options are serious business. Two of the most well know and respected binary options brands, 24Option and EZTrader, have teamed up with popular EU football clubs (that’s soccer to you Mr. US Trader). Both brands have set up, independent of each other, premium and exclusive strategic partnerships that are aimed at expanding brand awareness. EZTrader has partnered with not one, but two clubs. One, Feyenoord Football Club from the Netherlands, is a first division club that has won over 30 major trophies in its 100 years and more of play. The other, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, is a German club and one of the most popular in the Bundesliga. 24Option partnered with Italian club Juventus, widely recognized as one of, if not the, top Italian Clubs.


Not only does this show that binary options brokers are willing to spend real money on advertising it shows that binary options are gaining in popularity. It also shows that binary options are gaining acceptance as well as which EU countries are the hottest for trading. The clubs involved with these new partnerships are located in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy; three of the top places to find binary options traders. You can expect to see ads for both brokers in the arenas, at games and other club functions until at least the 2015/2016 season. Both brokers are EU/CySEC regulated, a fact that may have paved the way for such partnerships to exist.




And If That Wasn’t Enough, Big Brother Forex Joins The Party

In a similar story big brother forex is leading the way again. IronFX, a leading broker in the EU and reciprocating countries, has now partnered with Barcelona’s world recognized football club. Partnerships with popular businesses are not a new thing for forex brokers but partnering with a sports franchise is. This partnership only underscores the popularity of both football, but also of trading, and could be foreshadowing a wave of partnerships between forex/binary options brokers and popular sporting franchises around the world. The fact that these brokers are spending money on this level of sponsorship is a sign that there is serious money in the business. It may also be proof that CySEC was correct in its lead to regulate the industry.


The partnerships with popular football clubs are only one sign of a growing trend in forex and binary options. They, the brokers, are being seen as viable businesses by the community at large and investments as such. Another example is the upcoming IPO of AnyOption reported by (former AnyOption, operated by Ouroborous Derivative Trading LTD is planning to go public on a major London stock exchange. This is meaningful for the industry at large, and traders specifically, because it means binary options trading will be even more secure than ever before. No publicly owned company, unless operated by fraudsters or gangsters, will allow itself to be run in a shady or untrustworthy fashion. It just wouldn’t make sense for them, it would be like shooting the cash cow and then turning it into beef stew.




It’s Not Just The Broker!

If there wasn’t enough evidence of the rise of binary options another new development can be added to the list. White label technology provider TradeLogic has entered into a partnership with popular global television channel Fashion TV. FashionTV is an established brand with a broad reach across Europe, the Middle East and into Asia. The deal will provide many benefits, not jut to TradeLogic but to its introducing brokers, white label partners and affiliates, which include use of the FashionTV brand and logo in their marketing programs as well as exposure of the TradeLogic brand on FTC itself. According to a survey by Synovate PAX FTV scores high among the top 20% of households and has an estimated monthly viewership over 50 million in Asia-Pacific alone.


The trend of binary options is far from over. In fact, it may have just begun if these new developments are any indication. There are already more rumors circulating about the next candidate for a binary options IPO, and for the next big advertising partnership. Regardless of who makes the next move, or what that move is, binary options are gaining momentum and making money for investors, businesses and traders. Not only that, these moves are helping to bring binary options into the mainstream and could lead to wider acceptance of them as a speculation tool.