GOptions Education Review – Lack of Formal Educational Content

Full Review of GOptions Binary Options Education

First Impressions – GOptions is very user-friendly. Simple to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It definitely looks like a website fit for the twenty first century. Easy fund transfers and mobile apps for iOS and android make using this platform easy and convenient. The website even comes with a sexy introduction video to hook you in.


The real question though is whether or not the site has any meat. We’ve established that it has a glittering exterior, but does it offer any concrete value.



Daily Analysis

GOptions has a section for daily analysis that’s quite good. The articles are concise and quickly get to the point.  It’s also evident from the content and writing style that whoever is writing these articles has advanced market and technical trading skills. While the content  initially seems to go in-depth on isolated market events, the articles tend to tie it all up by the end into a big picture analysis of the market environment as a whole. So while most of the daily analysis articles cater more towards technical analysis, there are solid fundamental and macroeconomic insights that are taken into consideration as a complement to the price action.




Trading Ideas

The Trading Ideas section of the website is similar to the Daily Analysis section, with a bit more of a call to action. Well presented and brief, the Trading Ideas are a mini analysis of some market condition that can be exploited. While the purpose is to propose a particular position, the emphasis, as it should be, is on the justification of the proposal. So for the novice and even more advanced trader, the website helps give a solid logic rationale for entering trades. If a trader could complement that with a technical strategy they are pursuing, it could make for a powerful combo. Obviously, it is always important to verify one’s source of information and not merely exercise blind trust. With that said, a little fundamental confirmation never hurt a technical trade.





The only glaring issue with the website is the lack of formal educational content n binary options trading. There is no school or program or anything where novice or advanced traders could come and sharpen their trading swords. Aside from a couple of articles and youtube videos that outline certain aspects of binary trading, GOptions is not your teacher. Analyst? Sure. Broker? Sure. Teacher? No.





Given the layout and content of the website, it seems that GOptions assumes its traders already have a certain amount of trading capabilities. It’s low maintenance and easy to use, but does not provide very much in terms of educational support. GOptions does a great job of consistently providing market updates and analysis but falls short in the educational department. I would recommend a site like this one to the individual who plans on learning from a third-party website and essentially using GOptions as a broker and analyst.