GTOptions Binary Options Education – Nothing Special

Full Review of GTOptions Binary Options Education Stuff

The website looks professional and well organized. I could immediately locate their education tab which leads to various types of lessons; videos, e-books and markets review. I looked through each of them to find out whether the education GTOptions presents is worth your time or not.



What Kind of Education does GTOptions Provide?

The first type of education that drew my attention was the video tutorials that are divided in three different levels, Binary Options, Beginners and Advanced. These videos explain; in a very simple way, everything from money management, trading psychology, risk management, trends and candlesticks.

The e-book gives further and deeper explanations than the videos. It includes chapters about what binary options are, how to manage risks, candlesticks, few simple strategies and trends. I really recommend new traders reading this book because it will answer a lot of the questions.

The Markets Review page includes some basic technical analysis on some of the major assets which is good if you need a second opinion. Reading and looking at the pictures in this section will definitely teach beginners how to draw simple trend-lines and support & resistance lines!

Except the above mentioned tabs there are a four others that you can choose from:
Getting Started, Chat with A Broker, Software Walkthrough and Personal Broker. All of these require you to fill in your information in order to proceed. So I can’t really say much about them.




GTOptions Education, Does it Suck or Not?

The education provided by GTOptions gives you a quick idea of what you are about to give yourself into. The e-book and the videos are very basic and actually the same type of education you can find on other broker’s websites.
In conclusion; the education here is not enough to deepen your knowledge within the areas that are brought up in the e-book and the videos – look for more experience elsewhere.

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