Introducing New Approved Binary Options Broker: EmpireOption

Familiar Faces, Better Status. EmpireOption Joins our Recommend List

It’s never too late for any binary options broker to make appearance on (former approved brokers list. All you need to do simple: Prove us you’re worth it. We are here since 2010, so I’m guessing we know something. It’s never too late for any broker, new or veteran, to show the trader’s community they’re in the safe side of this industry. While some of more well known brokers don’t seem to change their ways, or whether it’s just us unwilling to forgive, others, a small group of long timers, are working on every aspect of their game to prove they’re worth it. Among this group you’ll find big names like StockPair and 24Option, fresher brands like PowerOption, and as of today: EmpireOption. No, it’s not the world cup fever talking. This Uruguay based broker shows South Americans are closing the gap with Europe, with strong regulation and cheerful service.



Broker from Uruguay? What are you Talking About?

Few facts about Uruguay first. During the 2007-2009 recession crisis in the Americans, Uruguay was the only country that did not experience a recession. The capital, Montevideo, has gained a reputation as one of the strongest economical cities in South America. Since 2002, the country has been drawing it’s resources into developing the Banking, IT and tourism. The convenient location between Brazil and Argentina makes Uruguay the home of many south American businessmen, among them the founders of EmpireOption. The company is regulated under WTC free commerce area of Uruguay which might not tell much, but you should already know what BOTS says: Reputation over Regulation, and if you have them both – you got lucky. So let’s see what Empire has to offer us.



EmpireOption – Takes Time to Build an Empire

I first reviewed EmpireOption 3 years ago, I think it was mid 2011. I recall an email conversation with EmpireOption’s VP marketing I believe, in which we had a “fight” over my review. I was not happy with Empire- First, they’re based somewhere in Uruguay which tells me nothing (…). Second- the spotoption based platform which I’m personally not in favor of, and third- a few complaints (ofcourse…). This explosive mix made me ignore EmpireOption for almost 3 years, even though they received some good feedback’s and very few complaints. I think it was 4 months ago when I received an email from a colleague regarding EmpireOption, spearing good words about the company. I started sniffing around myself, even managed to contact the company CEO. What I found was honest people, self owned platform, and a positive trading experience. As it turns out, it’s never too late for any broker to show the team and me they’re worth it. Good reliable brokers are always welcomed.


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