OptionFair Education Review – Turning a Newbie into a Pro

Full Review of OptionFair Binary Options Education

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more brokers who just mix some words together like “trend”, “technical analysis”, “money management”, yap about how easy to learn and profitable Binary Options are and call this Education. But in fact, nothing contained in their so called Education section is really helpful for a guy that wants to learn how to trade profitably Binary Options. Today I’m going to see if OptionFair falls into the same category of brokers, but I have a feeling they don’t.



OptionFair – First Impressions

They recently revamped their website and, I must say, it looks great. I had nothing against the previous layout, but this one is crisper, more professional and gives more confidence to the user. After all, online brokers develop their relationship with customers with the use of the website. Of course they have offices, but clients don’t go there, instead they access the website and that is the sole interface between them and the broker. And just like I wouldn’t want to deposit my money into a bank that has a shady and poorly maintained office, I wouldn’t want to trade Binaries with a broker that doesn’t care about its website.



OptionFair Education – Basic Level: A Strong Foundation.

 The whole education is very well structured in the Educational Center; everything they offer can be found there and it’s a great way to do it. Why should the educational material be scattered throughout the website? This just makes it hard for a newcomer to find all the information on top of the fact that he/she already has to cope with all the new terms and has to assimilate new knowledge. First thing I checked was the Glossary and although it is not exactly impressive, it provides the traders with all the terms needed to get them started in Binary Options trading. The Frequently Asked Question section is however the best part and the trader can easily get all the basic information needed. Stuff like “What are binary options?” and “What is an Underlying Asset” are all explained here in a way that any newbie can understand.



OptionFair Education – Medium Level: Building the Walls Of The House

Once they make sure the Basics are covered, the educational material starts to get a bit more technical, explaining how to use their different options types, detailing each asset class and explaining about the platform. Although I found really helpful everything I read on the website, the cherry on top is the e-book they provide. Hands down, it is the best e-book made by a broker that I’ve ever read and if you are familiar with my other reviews, you probably know that I don’t use words like these very often and I’m not easily impressed by a broker. The guys at OptionFair are trying hard and succeeding at transforming a newbie into a real trader, one that knows the risks involved and the potential rewards. Usually brokers just focus on the glamorous side of trading and the fact that everybody can win…with no prior experience required. OptionFair instead acknowledges the risks involved and teaches the trader ways of minimizing those risks. In doing so, they don’t just talk about general things, but really offer usable, practical information.


Each asset class is explained separately in the e-book, resulting in a clear differentiation between the four categories and a well structured educational material. The platform and all the option types are also explained in the e-book and after reading it, I think almost anybody could start trading confidently on the OptionFair platform, especially since they also offer some pretty good strategies and tips for successfully investing. After reading the entire 29 pages of the e-book I can wholeheartedly say it offers great advice on trading in general and Binary Options in particular. It is definitely a must read for everyone who wants to treat binary trading as a business and to become a real trader. This is how educational material should look!



OptionFair – Extra Education

I was pleasantly surprised to see they offer webinars…free for their registered users. You don’t have to deposit or trade with them to gain access to the webinars. I haven’t participated in any of those, but since all their education is solid, I don’t expect the webinars to be anything less.



The Fair Conclusion

Usually brokers brag about how good they are…leaders of the industry, the best there ever was, pioneers and innovators…bla, bla, bla. But they do absolutely nothing to prove it and sometimes even their slogans are the same. To be honest I’m glad I had the chance to review OptionFair’s education material and it made me happy to see there are still brokers out there that put their money where their mouth is and take seriously their role as educators.


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