OptionsXO Trading Education Review – A Good Starting Place in Term of Newbie Education

Full Review of OptionsXO Binary Options Education

OptionsXO has an educational resource that has the potential to offer concrete value to those who venture a visit. Who doesn’t like a broker who’s slogan is “Integrity is our most valuable asset”. We’ll have to put such a strong statement to the test, but with values like that; it’s a good place to start.




OptionsXO – First impression: Simple and concise

The website is nice and simple. There is not a lot of flash to distract you. I count this as a plus. They want to get down to business by keeping it simple and so should you. Using solid pastel colors with not a lot of shiny toys lying around makes for a trading environment that allows you to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted.




OptionsXO – Basic Level Education: Brilliant and fun

The basic level education is very well presented and outlined. It’s all video based, so it would be especially useful to those visual people out there. The videos are not lecture based; rather, they are supplemented with catchy pictures to help understand concepts. The content of the introductory course is not only presented in a sexy fashion, but is also actually quite good. The speakers in the videos are eloquent and the information they are passing on is worth listening to. Unfortunately, the problem is that there is not enough quantity. The videos are good as they present basic trading concepts, but they fail to go deeply into the specifics of trading. There is even a section at the end of the course they offer that comes with exercises to check if you fully understood the content.




OptionsXO – Medium Level Education: Well done!

The advanced education section that OptionsXO offers, is just as well presented as the beginner section. Each part of the course is coherent and builds on itself. I would imagine this is done to not stress any newbies out with all the incoming information. Wellplayed OptionsXO… well played.




The Conclusion

OptionsXO has done quite well for itself in terms of providing legitimate value to its customers. The education is structured coherently and is presented with enough flair that even those with a tendency to fall asleep might be captivated. If you like videos and would prefer to listen your way to a great education rather than read, this is a good place for you. Of course, I most definitely do not recommend this as your sole source of information when it comes to the complex world of finance, but using OptionXO’s resources along side other reputable sources would go a long way into stacking the odds in your favor. OptionsXO is definitely a great starting place for visual learner contemplating taking on binary options.



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