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The ASCTRend Binary Options Strategy – More Like A Controversial Tool

Full Review of the ASCTRend Strategy for Binary Options Trading

Hell, what is the ASCTRend Winner? I’ve run across it before, but never paid it much mind, thinking it was simply another affiliate auto-bot binary trading system guaranteed scam. Based on some heated discussion, caused by yours truly, on the CommuniTraders 2.0 forum I may have been wrong. That is why we are here today, to find out just how wrong, or right, I may have been. The thing we have to remember is that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. According to a favorite quote of a friend of mine you probably can’t even trust this but that is a whole different, and philosophical, discussion for those of us traveling by thumb through the galaxy.



Really, What Is The ASCTrend Indicator And Strategy?

I based this review on the strategy as presented in our very own forums. It is in turn based off of another article on Forexstrategiesresources, a website I am a fan of (but is not for Binary Options… we adjust Forex strategies into Binary Options systems). The first thing we have to do is clarify what we are looking at, which is an indicator and a strategy built off of that indicator. AscTrend indicator is a tool created in 1995 by a couple of Russian traders. The indicator itself is “proprietary” and based on my research, there is no information on how it works, simply that it does. The best information I can find suggests it is based on a Jurek Moving Average, another proprietary indicator, and/or Williams % Ratio and involves an input of “Risk” to make the calculations. There are several places to find it, free or for purchase, but all the same so far as I can tell. It produces a series of dots and gives signals with arrows. All the strategies require confirming indicators and this one is no different.


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The “Complete Strategy And System” includes a number of other indicators. These are primarily found on MT4 but perhaps can be substituted on other platforms. They include Ak and Arr Zig Zag, Moving Average 2, the ASCTrend Indicator and KDJ Momentum. For those of you who don’t know, KDJ Momentum is an extension of stochastic that includes a third momentum line. The tools all come with settings, but you will have to go to the ForexStrategiesRevealed version to find them. The strategy is recommended for trending markets, particularly forex pairs, and gives a variety of signals including call and put signals and indications of support and resistance. It is also recommended that you only use it on charts of 15 minute candles or higher, with H2 and H4 preferred for binary traders. The signal for a call looks like this; Ak Zig Zag will show a green arrow, Arr Zig Zag will show support, the moving average will crossover to the upside, ASCtrend will show green dots and the KDJ will make a bullish crossover, easy as pie.



Why This Strategy And System Completely Sucks?

First, by no means is this a system. A system includes many more layers of rules, and in particular, money management. At best it can be called a strategy but it still sucks. It is based on proprietary indicators of which there is little information available, it uses a number of complex tools that require experience to master and is so overly complicated that there is no way I will ever use it. And don’t get me started on the complete lack of relevant information of the indicator. There are lots of places to find it, but no one really seems to know what it is.



Why It Might Not Suck

It might not suck because it could be the Holy Grail of binary, but I doubt it. It might not suck because the charts on the postings show a lot of wins. Wins are impressive but you have to take the pictures with a grain of salt. They could have been manipulated in many ways, I know, I’m a blogger too don’t ya know.



My Final Thoughts On The ASCTrend Complete Strategy And System

My final thought, this is junk, don’t waste your time. It is way to complex, needlessly cumbersome, utilizes esoteric indicators and relies on a complete unknown. I honestly can’t recommend this to a newbie with a clear conscious and I suspect anyone with some experience and a hint of savvy will turn up their nose. Otherwise there would be a higher quality of information available on the internet, it (ASCTrend) has been around for 20 years.