The Geek Collects the Profits – February Nets 13% ROI


Another Profitable Month For The Geek Portfolio

I just reviewed my trades for last month I will be the first to say that I got lucky last month. The S&P turned volatile towards the end of the month and made me think I had made a grave error. There was also some volatility in the other markets I follow, volatility that helped in some cases and hurt in others. In the end my analysis was mostly right and I was able to pull off another month of net gain. In total I made 19 trades based on 20 tips. One trade, the Hang Seng put tipped on 2/4, moved to fast to catch and was my only no trade. I profited on 12 of those trades, losing on 7, for a win loss rate of 63%.


I trade positions of $100 unless otherwise stated, usually a half size in uncertain times. I only made regular trades of $100 in February for a total cost of $1900. My total returns were $2145 including gains and rebates. Net profit is $245, or 12.9% of investments. Not my best month but still nice for one month, certainly much better than savings. Consider this; If I were to increase my trades to $500 profits would total in the range of $1200, if I increased to $1000 profits would be $2400. At this time though trades in this account will stay at $100.



Volatility threatened to wipe out my S&P trades

The S&P 500 is where I got the luckiest. I made a four trades on this index and managed to turn a profit on three of them. Volatility in the index allowed my to get in at a much better strike than anticipated and saved my skin at the end of the month. I also traded the DOW once this month with an entry below 14,000. This trade benefited from volatility as well.



The European Indexes  

European indexes were my best trades this month. I traded the IBEX, the DAX and the FTSE. In all, there were 5 trades and all turned a profit. These indexes could see some more upside this month if data starts to point to a rebound as expected.



Asian Markets Pay As Well

I also posted profits on Asian indexes. I traded the Nikkei twice and the Hang Seng once. The Hand Seng move to fast for me to get in and was my only un-triggered trade this month.  As for the Nikkei both of those trades turned a profit.



Currencies Kicked My Butt

I traded currencies seven times and only pulled of 1 win, horrible. The Euro correction was unexpected in coming and unexpected in duration. I had a hard time adjusting but I think I am on the right track for the coming month. The Yen entered a period of volatility in time with the equities markets, but unlike the S&P the USD/Yen trade left me in the dust. I lost three of three times.



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