The Ultimate4Trading Scam Exposed! Beware!

Ultimate4Trading Signals For Binary Options Scam Revealed!

If you want to experience trading on a new level have I got the tool for you. This thing is the latest cutting edge algorithm guaranteed to take you into the 21st century of trading. The co-founder, John Cross, puts his name on it, right on the front page of the website, so you can be assured what I say is true, right? What am I talking about, if you haven’t already guessed, is the new signal software for binary options called


I know you may be skeptical but rest assured that over 50,000 traders have used this software successfully. They have each produced returns of over 10X their starting balance and all they have to do is follow the system. The system is incredibly easy and only requires three things; you pick a signal from among the stream, select the amount you want to trade and then make the trade. Honestly, I can’t believe more traders haven’t used it.


Using the system is also super easy. It is a web based application so it can be accessed from any device with internet connection. If a member has an account with more than one broker they can use the signals on more than one device at the same time, or in multiple windows, allowing active traders the best possible access to the market. A demo account is also available if you just want to try it out but really, with all the guarantees is a demo needed?


I’m sure by now you are wondering how much this awesome software costs, because it most cost a lot. No one would give away something so valuable for free, would they but they do, as amazing as that sounds. Not only that, they plainly state that there is no hidden charges so don’t be worried of a surprise request for money. The creators of the software, Mr. Cross and his college buddies, were gracious enough to share it with the world because they have, of course, already made enough money for one lifetime. If you decide you like the service and want to give back you can choose to donate to them using a handy tab on the website created for that purpose.


Signing up is also easy. Simply follow the buttons and fill in your information and open an account with a broker. Unfortunately you will have to open a new account with a broker of their choice in order to gain full access.  Don’t worry, the software is still free, your money is deposited into a trading account for you to trade. This is so they can assure a proper link to your account to give you the best possible trading experience ever., Scam Or No?

I hope by now I don’t have to tell you, I tried to spell out in the most sarcastically entertaining way I could. This website is a total scam and let me count the ways. First, this website is nothing but hype, there is no information about what the algorithm is, how it works or even information about the founder. Sure, we got a name and a face but seriously, you can get those at for $5 a pop. Second, I don’t believe for a second that any 50,000 people have even used this sight, much less made 10X their accounts, that number was pulled out of someones ass (that means they made it up). Third, it’s free. This is to entice the money hungry, the desperate and the gullible to deposit money with a broker. Why does this matter you may ask, well I’ll tell you. It’s not so they can assure a solid connection with your account, it’s so they can reap the reward of an affiliate commission which they earn ( I use that word loosely) every time someone falls for this BS, signs up for a membership and then deposits with a broker.