Torii Group Signals Review – Dream Big, Fail like a Boss.

Torii Group Binary Options Trading Signals Review

When I was a kid, all my friends wanted to be astronauts, pilots, race car drivers, superheroes… but all I wanted to be was Rich. People were asking me: “Do you want to change your name to Rich?”. No, I want to be rich. Never work again and if possible, I’d like someone else to keep making money for me constantly, day in and day out. Fortunately my long time dream is close to becoming real because I’ve come across another become-rich-overnight opportunity: Torii Group Signals.



Torii Group Signals: Ka-ching! Or Ka-Boom?

Torii Group Signals first came to my attention after reading this thread on our forums. I don’t know if the original poster is an affiliate and I don’t really care but I did check out the website of Torii Group ( It doesn’t look too bad and according to them, more than 1,200 professionals are working for Torii Group, which by the way, is owned by Ayano Consulting Ltd. They are big aren’t they… 1200 employees… you would think Google would know about such a huge investment firm. But no, Google doesn’t return any results for Ayano Consulting. Not a good start and right now I’m favoring the “Ka-Boom” rather than the “Ka-Ching”. Anyway, let’s keep an open mind and let’s look at the way they give me the signals: first you need to sign up for a free trial – very good because you get to test their performance first – then you need to open a Skype account if you don’t already have one. Wait a minute… Skype? Don’t get me wrong, I like Skype and I use it every day but I would think that an investment firm with more than 1,200 employees would use a more professional way of transmitting their signals. Come on, can’t you build a Member’s Area on the website and have everyone log in using a password and username? Or any other type of secure room where only members have access? Ok, let’s move on: next you have to open an account with one of their recommended brokers… ahh, I see where this is going. Just like most (read “all”) signal providers out there, Torii Group wants me to join a specific brokerage. Why?! So they can make affiliate money?




Trial Over. How Much Does It Cost To Become Rich?

It’s normal to want to know how much is it gonna cost you right? So I contacted chat support – yea they do have a live chat and in some ways it’s better than most brokers’ – and they told me that if you want to use a broker of your choice you will have to pay more (why?): 1 session of your choice a day per month is $500, 3 sessions are $1000 and 6 sessions are $2000 (at the time of writing). Ok if you go for one of their brokers, you will get the signals for free – oh yea, now we’re talking – but the more you deposit, the more sessions you get. For example, a $800 deposit will get you 2 sessions of free signals for a month, if you deposit $2,000 you will get free signals in 2 sessions for the duration of your account and for $5,000 you will get 6 sessions. Now another question arises: what is a session? How long is it? Users on our forums have been told that 1 session equals 2 hours but after 30 minutes (and three losing trades out of three) the session has been terminated. I’ve been told by their chat support that one session is 30 – 60 minutes so I don’t know what to believe but what I know is that my opinion about signal providers hasn’t changed after visiting Torii Group. But anyway, let’s see what others have to say:



Torii Group through the Eyes of Their Clients

First, let’s look at the testimonials on their website:

Liam Watson preview


This is not the only testimonial available but they all say the same thing so I don’t think I need to post more screenshots. Everybody says they’re great and I wouldn’t expect otherwise. After all, it’s their website. But let’s see what people have to say on other, unbiased websites. Let’s try, I’ve heard they are good :)



If you want to read the post click here. As you can see, Ronye is not so thrilled by their service and I agree with his advice: take the trial days and see for yourselves. The bad reviews don’t stop there; here’s what Chrono has to say:



To read the post click here but take everything with a pinch of salt. If they really are part of a scam ring, I have no way of knowing for sure but I can tell you that their chat representatives use pictures and names of women (just how Chrono said). Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t ladies… it’s The Internet aka the World Weird Web so I cannot be 100% sure of almost anything.



To Invest Or Not To Invest?

If you check their performance tab you will see amazing results but is a .pdf document showing win after win really enough? Can we really trust pictures nowadays? My answers to these questions are “No” and “No”, because I’ve learned a long time ago that being gullible will get you broke faster than you can say “I want my money back”. I didn’t try their signals and I probably never will because there are already too many signs (in my opinion of course) that I won’t become Rich using this signal service provider. That being said, if you have tried them, please let us know your opinion in our forums. Unless you’re affiliated with them, in which case I don’t care about your opinion – sorry to be blunt but it’s the truth.