Trading With The Geek, Recapping February Trading

You can’t always be a winner, I know this and accept it. That doesn’t mean I like to lose, far from it. Losing just makes me want to come back fighting to win even more the next time and that is what happened in February. I came  back with a vengeance and posted some pretty good stats along the way. It’s not my best month, but it’s not far short, no pun intended. February is a short month to start with and the way the calendar fell there were only 4 Mondays to trade so only 20 tips but out of those I scored a massive 80% return.


Total Cost Of Investment = $10,000

Total Return =  $14,800

Net Return = $4,800 or 48% ROI


What I really like about February trading is that I scored a perfect 4/4 record on 2 assets including the S&P 500. The S&P is my jam, it’s what I follow and what I trade when I do day trading so it’s right that I should be able to do well with it. The other was the EUR/USD and for that I give thanks to President Trump, the FOMC and the data which all provided a nice upward current to lift the dollar and push the euro lower. My total cost of trading for the month was $10,000, I netted $14,800 with the investment and made a return of 48%. More than enough to recover my losses from last month and make this month nice a cozy.


What Happened In February

Where in January the market did a whole lot of nothing in February the broad market was in full rally mode. It wasn’t strong, it wasn’t wild but the S&P 500 did make steady gains on a day to day basis all month and set many new all time highs along the way. And the dollar did the same, for the most part, except for a couple of small hiccups it moved higher and broke resistance on its way to retest long term highs, possibly later this month. The dollar move helped me win 4/4 with the EUR/USD, 3 of 4 with Gold but for some reason I was only able to get 2 of 4 with the USD/JPY. Oil, I got lucky with oil because it was in a very tight range all month. I managed to get 4 for 4 there.


Week One February 6, 2017

“The times they are a changing. Trump keeps stirring things up, global tensions are are growing, market uncertainty is present and yet… the US indices closed at the high of their day last Friday, near the high of the week and looking pretty bullish.” And I was right, the market began to move up from there and kept moving higher all month. Yeah market!


Week Two February 13,2017

“All the signs point to go. Global sentiment is cooling, global data is decent, US data is good, earnings growth is at hand I don’t know what more to ask for. I’m pretty bullish on equities, bullish on the dollar and bearish on gold. Oil is a bit of a question mark with the OPEC meeting this week and all but I am leaning toward bearish on it as well.” And once again, right on all counts. Even the question mark for oil, which is still inside that same tight range.


Week Three February 20, 2017

“This week should be all about momentum as new money enters the market, or so I think, I just don’t see any reason to be selling(US equities, to be clear) this week. Forex and commodity markets beware of a rising dollar, and OPEC.” And momentum reigned supreme that week as new highs were hit in equities. I missed out on gold, it was supported by global tensions, but everything else was a winner.


Week Four February 27, 2017

“I’m pretty bullish, near short and long term. Dips are for buying and that is what last was, a quick near term dip in a near term leg of a short term movement within a long term rally and secular bear market. NADEX traders, I bought deep OTM, I’d suggest OTM positions this week, choose your poison but be prepared to take profits when they appear” This was one of those weeks when I surprised even myself with how right I was. The market went ballistic, my deep OTM calls were a big win.