TradoLogic Binary Options Trading Platform

Trading Easily and Fast with traditional Binary Options Tradologic Platform

The Tradologic options trading platform (named BINARIX) is one of the most widely used trading stations in the binary options business and the company’s position as one of the established software providers has enabled them to refine their products and create one of the most efficient and easy to use software that is currently available.  Like some of the other popular choices, the news and price feeds are based on Reuters updates, so traders can be sure to understand that the pricing information is as accurate as any other platform in the industry. 


Perhaps the most striking feature of the platform is the simplicity of the design and the ease (and quickness) with which trades can be placed.  News based and short term traders will find this design to be one of the best platform options available, given the fact that it is difficult to make a mistake (for example, placing a trade in the wrong direction) because the layout is so user friendly. 



Platform Ratings

Platform functionality (9/10) mostly based on the lack or tech. analysis that can be done

Platform efficiency (9/10)

Ease of use (10/10)

Additional information (8/10)

Expiry times – 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, hourly, daily, weekly (9/10)

Trading tools available – Close, Extend, Double, Re-strike (9/10)

Trading options available – Digital, Touch, Range, Turbo, Matrix, Over/Under (8.5/10)

Prices & Rates: Accurate



Why TradoLogic doesn’t suck?

The Tradologic platform is arguably the most clearly designed platform that is offered by any binary broker.  Trading contract choices are divided by tabs at the top of the platform, and include currencies, indices, commodities, stocks and “favorites.”  This last option is probably the most useful of the lot, as it allows you to combine the assets that you commonly trade, and put them into a single area that is easy to find.  Clarity and simplicity looks to be Tradologic’s central focus as there is very little here in the way of “bells and whistles.”  The platform is designed to be easy to figure out for traders with all levels of experience. 


The platform also combines a very convenient button for the Live Chat feature and this will come in handy if any problems arise with your account or in an individual trade.  The platform also uses easy to understand language (with most of the market jargon removed), and this will be helpful for newer traders as well.  



Why does TradoLogic suck?

In my experience, the main weakness of the platform was its lack of flexibility in terms of the various contract options that are available.  If you are looking to make very traditional types of options trades, this will not be much of an issue but in my view Tradologic is a little bit behind the curve (compared to some of the other major brokers) in expanding on the “digital, one touch, and range” option types that are currently on offer.  However, lately they improved this aspect of the BINARIX platform and traders will be glad to find new ways of trading such as Matrix, Turbo or Over/Under. (Note that not all brokers using the Tradologic platform will offer these types of options.) Technical traders might also be put off by the lack of charting software that can be seen on the Tradologic platform.  



Platform Technology 

Since Tradologic has had a good deal of time to develop and test its software technology, it should be of little surprise that the platform’s efficiency and execution levels are amongst the best in the industry.  Contract types include: Digital trade (which is essentially just your standard “above and below the strike price” trading arrangement), One Touch / No Touch option, Range option (which is sometimes also called a Tunnel or Boundary option), Turbo (options with extremely short expiry times such as 30 sec, 1 minute and 2 minutes) and Matrix (a table is used by traders to predict how much the price of an asset will change over a predetermined, short period of time).  Clearly, these choices cover a trader’s need for diversity and show that Tradologic has improved over the last period. 



 My Trading Experience

Since the platform is clearly geared toward the basics, I wanted to use the platform with its strengths in mind, and simply place a traditional call option in the S&P 500.  To do this, I looked at the Trader Insight field that is made available on the platform.  This is essentially a market sentiment reading that shows you what other traders are doing with respect to your chosen asset. 


Here, the table showed that a majority of traders were bearish on the S&P 500 (by a majority of 64%).  I am a contrarian trader by nature so, I used this information to look for an area to initiate a 1-day bullish “Digital” call option, as I expected prices to rise during that trading session.  The day did see some modest gains, and I used this opportunity to execute Tradologic’s “auto-trading” feature, which allows you to carry in the money trades further and double your payout.  The interesting about this feature is that this feature can be implemented as many times as you like and gains can be built on quite quickly in the most successful instances.  The auto-trading feature can be easily found on the platform, and the payout levels are displayed as soon as the option is chosen, which is helpful because this payout can help you to determine whether or not it is worth adding onto your current position.



Special features:

Option Range takes pride in being the trading platform which offers significant support in the Russian online financial domain. The superior technology and the amazing trading features incorporated by Tradologic certainly give it the tag of being the best.

Tradologic is quite advanced regarding the expiration times. Using this platform a trader could either close or extend the options expiry times before closing time, in case of predicted lose.




  • The minimum trade amount is as little as 10$.
  • Tradologic platform is pretty useful for both the novice and the advanced users.
  • Some of the unique and highly useful trading tools offered by Tradologic include ‘Take Profit’, ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Double’.
  • Touch, Range and Digital Options are available.
  • Newly added option types: Matrix, Turbo



  • The lack of a refund in case of an unsuccessful investment.
  • The lack of technical analysis tools
  • The lack of a tool similar to Option Builder which allows traders to personalize their trading