Wealth Recovery International in Review – Retrieve Your Funds from Off-Shore Brokers

Oh, this is BIG! You finally have an ally to help you in your “battle” with that scummy broker that stole your money. Wealth Recovery International (WRI) is a firm that helps you get your money back from unregulated investment platforms. This review will help you understand who they are, what they can do for you and what you have to do to start the process. Keep on reading if you’ve been scammed because WRI may be the solution to your troubles.


Who Are Wealth Recovery International And How Does It Work

Wealth Recovery International’s primary goal is to help customers retrieve their money from off-shore Binary Options and Forex brokers. The company was founded in early 2016, is based in Tel Aviv and is run by Austin Smith and “Mitch” (the name is not disclosed due to the undercover nature of this person’s work). Their staff are partly former employees of companies that offer binary options and their “insider” knowledge was used so far to recover more than $4 Million for their clients, from scam brokerages. Through solid research, they were able to verify that 99% of unregulated binary options companies are primarily located in Israel or operated by Israeli nationals and this is one of the main reason why WRI only works with Israeli attorneys who have an intricate knowledge of the Israeli legal system.

After a consultation between you and them, Wealth Recovery International will start tracking down the companies and persons who have committed the fraud. As you might already know, Binary Options brokerages usually use fake addresses and their employees (account managers, sales reps, etc.) use aliases, not their real names, so the first hurdle is to do some “detective” work and find out the real addresses and names – this is WRI’s initial task. Once they have enough information they will present it to the attorney who will then decide, with WRI’s consultation, what is the best course of action. You will be assisted from evidence procurement through litigation.


Fees And Confidentiality Agreement

Once information regarding your case has been gathered, it will be passed on to the attorney and you will be contacted for an initial overview. If you are comfortable with the legal representation, then the cost of the case will be discussed. So in other words, they don’t have a fixed plan of payments because the total price is directly influenced by the complexity of your case. Also, according to their website: “Wealth Recovery International charges a fee once a lawyer has been retained and only receives payment once you are confident that you have received the best representation the country of Israel has to offer.”

So far I have only talked about general procedures and steps in the process. I cannot go into more detail because WRI clients have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. This is meant to keep their procedures hidden from the eyes of binary options brokerages and to me, it makes perfect sense. According to Wealth Recovery International “It is paramount that we stay one step ahead of the unregulated Binary Options and Forex companies. If they were aware of our investigative techniques, they would make changes in the way that they conduct business.” If the brokerages make changes to their procedures, then it would be harder for WRI to get your money back and I bet you don’t want that, so the confidentiality agreement will guarantee your privacy as well as theirs and will keep nosy brokerages out of your business.


Why Wealth Recovery International Doesn’t Suck

What’s there not to like? People who know exactly how scam brokerages operate will use their knowledge to get your money back. You will be introduced to some of the most prolific Israeli attorneys, who are well versed in all the intricacies of financial fraud and who operate in a “boots on the ground” style. Considering that most unregulated brokerages are actually located in Israel, hiring an attorney from Israel is a huge Plus.


Why Wealth Recovery International Sucks

I cannot think of many reasons why they suck but here’s one: they don’t accept just anyone as a client. Well, that blows! They say they value time, so they only work with a small percentage of clients, who they believe to have a 95% chance of successful money recovery. At least you know that if you’re accepted as a client, your chances of getting your money back are very high.


Conclusion: Should You Use Wealth Recovery International?

Well, if they accept you as a client, I think the probability of getting the money back will greatly increase. When someone has stolen something from you, you would do almost anything to get it back but your choices are very limited if the brokerage is unregulated. You can try doing a chargeback first, but if that fails and you don’t know anything about the company that stole from you, it’s time to get professional help. I don’t have any first-hand experience with Wealth Recovery International but they are a legit company, featured in reputable publications and with a track record that speaks for itself: more than 4 Million US Dollars retrieved from scam brokerages!