8 Ways To Celebrate A Big Trading Profit (#7 is Recommended!)

We are always trying to make people learn how to trade and not gamble on binary options. Do this, do that, use trend lines, use Japanese candlesticks, learn technical analysis, choose the right broker for you, all that jazz. But what happens when you listen to us, learn, choose a trusty broker and then win big? What happens when you finally make it? Come to think of it, we don’t have that covered so, yea, this article is about what you should do with your money once you win it. Here are the 8 ways to celebrate a fat profit.


1. Buy a Serious Trading Station

You have to stay on top of news, trends, you are probably watching more than one asset and you want to have it all in one place, instead of constantly switching tabs. This is probably the first thing I would buy; after all, this is how I made that big profit so why not make my life easier and improve my trading conditions. And don’t forget about the office chair ‘cause you’re gonna spend a lot of time on your butt. Show your trading station some love! *and think about the video games you can play on that beast when you’re done trading ;)

8 ways trading station


2. Go on a Vacation

Time to relax, mate! After all that hard work, you need to take a step back and sip some Margaritas on a beautiful beach somewhere in Maldives or the British Virgin Islands. You’ve put in the work, made the money, now make the best of it. Hey, don’t go on a spending spree, but give yourself a little R&R, enjoy the profits. Oh, and while you’re there, maybe visit your binary options broker and thank them for allowing you to withdraw.

8 ways vacation


3. Travel

See the world, meet new people, learn their way of life, their traditions. I’ve always wanted to do that, but somehow never found the time. That’s probably because I’ve never made a huge profit so I could never say “Enough! Time to do something else.” Truth is that trading is kind of addicting, so taking a long break to travel to distant lands is… scary. What if I miss out on some good trends? What if the Fed raises rates and I am not here? Don’t worry about that, there will be plenty of other opportunities… and your home is not the only place with an Internet connection.

8 ways travel


4. Buy a House

Remember that vacation you took? Did you enjoy the view? Then why don’t you buy a house there or anywhere else in fact? You can afford it now so if you like the view, the beach or the mountains, buy a property. You can always sell it later if you feel like and it’s good to invest money in something tangible. Just make sure it’s not too remote and you get good internet so you can keep trading.

8 ways house


5. Buy a Car

This would be one of the first things I would do. Most traders are boys and boys love their toys. I already have a car so I don’t really need another, but I would buy it anyway because… well, just because. In fact, I don’t think I would stop at one. And of course, motorcycles… ah don’t even get me started on motorcycles, just Shut Up And Take My Money!

8 ways car


6. Spoil the Missus

Hey, show your better half some love, after all she puts up with all your time spent in front of the computer, your mood changes when you win or lose, your constant yapping about the Euro going high or low and about Yellen’s latest speech. Get her a new dress or some jewelry, or a cute car, or be a dude and get them all. Happy wife, happy life!

8 ways spoil


7. Donate

Hey don’t forget about the ones that are not as fortunate as you. Now your biggest problem is what car to drive today or where to spend your vacation, but others have trouble finding food to put on the table. Even if you donate a sum that’s small to you, it can change other people’s lives, so do it because it won’t make a dent in your Fat profit. If you want to donate but don’t know where, then read this article.

8 ways donate


8. Build an Autotrader

Now that you’ve done all the things above and you still have a million or so lying around, it’s time to make some real money so you will have to come up with a cool story about your passion for the sun’s activity, weather forecasting, satellites or how you managed to clone Warren Buffett’s mind. Then tell us about your meeting with a Silicon Valley prodigy programmer and how you both created an autotrader that can make millions in 3 seconds. Take a lie detector test to prove it! You will then offer this software for free to a “select few” if they deposit with your recommended broker… BS, right? Think about this: all the guys who try to force their robots on you, claim to be millionaires. Now put yourself in the shoes of a millionaire: would you go through all the trouble above to build a robot or would you rather live your life differently?

8 ways autotrader

The old saying “you reap what you sow” applies to binary options just as well: if you have a serious approach to trading and treat it just like a job, or business, preparing diligently, you might be in the situation to celebrate a big profit. On the other hand, if you will just give your money to an account manager, expecting to get 50% profit per month or if you trust an autotrader with a cheesy story behind it to trade for you, then I don’t think you will face the dilemma of how to spend your profits… because probably there won’t be any.