CopyBuffett Scam Review: Binary Options and Science Fiction Have Never Been Closer

CopyBuffet – Scam Review and Warning for Traders

Oh my GAWD!!! Somebody just managed to artificially recreate Warren Buffett’s mind and is offering it to you for free!!! How much crazier can it get? I mean do these guys think that we will believe just everything they tell us? Apparently Yes and apparently, people do believe almost anything as long as they think there’s even a slim chance of getting rich. Welcome to the review of Coffee Buffet or Copy Buffett or whatever you wanna call it – you are about to NOT get rich.


CopyBuffett Software – What is it?

I’ll give you the story in short so you don’t have to go sit through the whole video on their website. A guy – software programmer – quit his job and got a 150,000 USD severance package, then he went on to lose half of that because he traded without knowing anything about it. Basically he was just an idiot who lost a truckload of money because he didn’t have the common sense to stop when he realized he doesn’t know what he is doing. Ok, now this guy thinks to himself: hey, I need to trade like the world’s most successful investor to make my money back and then some. Hmm, but how to do that? I know: artificial intelligence!!! I will code Warren Buffett’s mind into a computer program and then use it to trade. Easy peasy! After all, nowadays it’s so easy to program someone’s mind into a software…



How does it work?

How does it work?!? LOL, it doesn’t! But anyway, let’s get over my skepticism and assume he did manage to code Buffett’s mind into a computer program (I am sorry, I cannot keep a straight face when I write that). So now he has the trading mind of one of the greatest investors on this earth in his pocket. What to do with it? I know: sell it! First month is free and then you pay 5% of your winnings. Sounds like a good deal? Well, not for you, the trader. The reason why not, is the brokers they make you sign up with. This is the usual scheme where some magical software emerges (artificial brain in this case) but it can only be used with some brokers for unknown reasons. The presenter says their recommended brokers are “precise, trustworthy and timely” but our readers seem to disagree, saying “I was assigned with an unregulated broker with very bad reputation all over the internet” and “broker chosen for me was UK Options. Please DO NOT use this broker under any circumstances […] They have ignored my withdrawal request.” Another broker they assign users to is VisionBinary – not really an example of trustworthiness. Also, note one more thing: they don’t recommend you to sign up to a broker, they assign you to one, wiping out any little power of choice you have left. See below a few user comments posted on our website, and more complaints are posted under copybuffett scam forums discussion:


copy buffet suck



The Testimonials

Any money making machine has to show some testimonials. You need to see that it’s backed by real people who have used it and are happy with the performance. Same with Copy Buffett… or is it? Well, they do have testimonials but in their Disclaimer (yea, I actually read that) they say that actors were used, in order to protect the identity of their real clients. I don’t know about you but to me that seems to defy the entire purpose of a testimonial. According to Wikipedia: “Testimonials are incredibly effective when believed to be true, but a challenge is having the audience believe that testimonials presented by a business are given by real people, not fabricated by the business itself.” So CopyBuffett actually admits the testimonials are fake?!? Ok, that’s a new approach. And there’s more: look at the pic below and read what Floyd Lucas has to say.


Buffet signals suck



If it’s too small and you can’t read it, let me lay it out for you: on the left hand side testimonial he says “for the past 4 years I’ve tried endless tools… endless systems… Not once did I succeed in making money” and on his second testimonial (to the right) he says “For years I’ve been telling my students to stay away from trading systems, to protect them of course”. It confuses me: is this guy an unsuccessful trader or a market guru who teaches others? Anyway it shows they didn’t even take the time to get their facts straight. Come on, if you want to sell us BS, at least go through the hassle to wrap it up in something that doesn’t stink.



The obvious conclusion

If you believe that someone managed to replicate Warren Buffett’s brain and turned it into a trading software for Binary Options… and if that doesn’t sound just a bit weird to you, then maybe you should try this CopyBuffett and see for yourself. From the beginning, I assumed you know who Buffett is, but in case you don’t, here’s the very short story: according to Wikipedia, in 2008 he was ranked as the wealthiest IN THE WORLD and the third wealthiest in 2015! He is not a day trader but a long term investor, so how can you replicate his trading on a daily basis if he doesn’t trade on a daily basis?!? I wonder what Mr. Buffett himself would have to say about this software and I recommend you pick up one of Arthur C. Clarke’s books if you want a good Sci-Fi story.