Be Unique, Be King, Be CommuniTraders. Learn to Fish!

Teach the Man how to Fish

If all tasks would be easy to accomplish and all personal goals would be reached with little to no effort, the world would be a better place… Or would it? Actually, I think that a goal which is achieved as a result of hard work is more rewarding than one that is just handed to you. If I would snap my fingers and somebody would just give me my dream car, that would be awesome, I know. But to me it would mean a lot more if I could buy that car myself, with the money I made from trading or any other income generating activity. The reason for my way of thinking has roots in the old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In other words, if I will receive that car as a gift but after a while I want another one, or a house, but the sorcerer who gave it to me has disappeared, what am I to do? I have no idea how he got it and I don’t have the skills needed to buy one myself.



And Make Him King

We all know how fast paced trading and especially Binary Options can be. Quick, easy… appealing. But things are not always what they seem and behind all that apparently easy trading there’s a lot of work and mental “sweat”. However, some of us consider it is better to just copy other traders who went through the Trading Boot Camp and possess the necessary knowledge to trade successfully. That’s how Social Trading was born. Some Forex brokers begun to offer their clients the possibility to follow other traders either automatically or manually, by placing a trade once the experienced guy did so. Nowadays we see more and more Binary Options brokers who start to go into that direction and Social Trading is becoming more and more popular. Great! Smooth sailing… until the guy you are following or copying decides he doesn’t want to trade with that broker anymore or he just doesn’t want to share his trades anymore. Hey, it’s his knowledge and he can do whatever he wants with it so don’t blame him if you cannot leech on to him. Instead, think about learning how to do it yourself. Learn to fish, don’t ask for fish. That’s the only way you will be independent and trading will really provide you the freedom you are looking for. After all, that’s what we are expecting from trading: financial freedom. You cannot be free as long as you are trying to live off the breadcrumbs thrown by others… metaphorically speaking, of course.


I don’t want to change the world or find a solution to world hunger, but I think we need unique people… and brokers! The mentality of a leader is very different from the one of a follower: look at the multitude of SpotOption brokers copying each other and using the same slogans, same page layout and looking like mirror images or each other. I know the platform itself plays a big part and brokers who use the same platform will often have similarities, but the brokers I am talking about have the same FAQ section, the same About Us section, almost the same Asset Index… same slogan – I’m sure ”We focus on who really counts. You” sounds familiar – and overall, almost the same trading environment. Now, how can the trader choose between these brokers? In fact, why should I choose one of those cheap copies and don’t go for the real deal? Choose brokers who want to innovate, to improve… to be unique and at the top of their game. After all, why settle for an obscure broker when I can open an account with a Recommended Broker just as easy.


As if brokers’ copying each other isn’t bad enough, these days I see more and more review websites doing the same thing. All you can see is regurgitated stuff and a$$licking: “Broker X is a leader, profit now in three easy steps; withdrawals are the fastest we’ve seen…” and of course they give you a link to open an account with that broker. Is that what a review should tell me? Of course not! It should give me clear and concrete information about the broker under review, even if it’s good or bad. Some websites even copy the structure of the reviews seen on leading websites but I am sure readers can see the difference between an honest review and one written at the broker’s request.



Be Unique, Be King, Be CommuniTraders

It has been our long term goal to be different and to bring you honest reviews, good strategies, a growing community and of course a unique trading platform to hone your skills on. Yea, the CommuniTraders platform is still not perfect but hey, Tesla (yes, Tesla not Edison) didn’t invent the electric light bulb on the first try either, so we will keep improving too, maintaining our individuality and paying close attention to your needs and concerns.