CommuniTraders-Live Skype Group: The Coaching Team!

Notice: This Skype Group Has Ceased and Been Replaced by a New Group Found here: Skype Group

Who are the coaches in the CommuniTraders-Live group? There are three traders that will take care of you during these live sessions. You might know them already from CommuniTraders or read articles written by them on (BOTS). Regardless, here is a small presentation of them so you can get an idea of what you can expect to learn from them!



Okane is a trader since over two years now and author of many helpful and fun articles here on BOTS. He keeps a diary explaining his trades in CommuniTraders as well as informing about possible support and resistance areas on his Google Plus and sharing his results. Okane is a technical trader and likes to analyze and trade the EUR/USD by studying chart history and drawing lines. He studies the candlesticks and uses accurate timing to execute trades at the right moment. With his 10-30 minute trades, you can consider him a short-term trader. Watch him and you will learn about trends, support and resistance, timing, candlesticks and price action to summarize it all. He uses MetaTrader 4 and will send you his templates so you can have the same lines and setups as on his charts.



Milos is a day trader. He has been trading Forex since 2010 and started binary options trading in 2013. He is known in the CommuniTraders forum for his “Milos Market Movers”, which are weekly updates and trading tips for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and USD/CAD. He bases his trades on trend corrections and consolidations in the markets. There are two strategies created and written by him. One is for 15 minutes trading based on fundamentals and the other is a technical strategy based on the hourly charts and his preferred indicators. If you love fast-paced trading, you will love watching Milos because he does an amazing job trading 2-5 minute options using B Bands, Fibonacci, RSI, and MACD. In addition, he does weekly, daily and hourly expiries as well. Milos will also send you his chart templates for MT4.



Willy is an old school Forex trader and a technical analyst with 28 years of experience trading in Forex, Futures and Stocks. His career as a specialist in technical analysis started already back in 1986. Yes, that’s when you had to draw your support and resistance lines by hand, on paper charts! His amazing résumé includes a position as branch General Manager of Goldwin Investment in Taiwan and also account manager and trader. As an IB, he has traded on the behalf of clients too, with BNP bank in Taiwan and UOB bank in Singapore. Willy is also in charge of teaching brokers how to become traders. His current position is as the General Manager of a Swiss broker, Prime Trade Fx in Vietnam. Willy is also an author of Forex articles for various websites and blogs, he has been regularly posting his analysis in the thread “Willy’s Technical Analysis” since 2013, helping newbies and fellow traders.


So check us out, Skype: CommuniTraders-Live!