CTOption Education Review – Covering all Bases

Full Review of CTOption Educational Resources for Traders

CTOption is a newer broker based on the PandaTS binary options trading platform. The platform itself is quite good and has even been upgraded since the first time we visited them. This is a review of the educational materials offered by the broker and at first glance I got a good first impression. The tool bar has prominent links to Information, Education and Promotions along with advertising a demo account right on the home page. Demo accounts are a great feature for any broker to have but for some reason not many do, and if there is one you have to hunt to find it or outright ask about it. I would have to say that just about everything you need to know to get started with this broker trading binary options is here. After that the material covers a lot of entry level information that is an added bonus to new traders.




Covering All The Bases

This broker has done quite a good job covering all the bases. They have a nice system of delivery as well. The top navigation bar has simple links to things like My Account, Deposit, Trade, Information and Education. Each link takes you to a new page with links to in depth information for each subject. Since this is the education review I will stick to the Information and Education tabs. Each takes you to a new menu with dozens of links in each. The Information tab takes you to info on the different account types, the replicator feature (copy trading), demo account and Islamic accounts. This is also where you will details about the banking procedures, withdrawals, promotions and FAQ’s. The FAQ’s are fairly complete and answer in simplified terms banking, trading and other questions pertaining to your account.


The Education page is where this broker starts to shine. The materials presented are fairly standard but here are more complete than what you will find at most other brokers. Most will try to put up a good face, but often fall short of the goal. CTOption covers all topics a new trader needs to know and backs it up with a full line of videos. There are five sub categories in the Education Center; Binary Options Guide, Binary Options Ebook, Binary Options Video On Demand, Binary Options Courses and Trading Tools. The Guide presents the basics of binary options in written format. This includes what binary options are, how to trade them, a glossary and an introduction to strategy. The Ebook is more of the same but in a down loadable and printable format.


The Video On Demand is really good. It includes 15 videos ranging from beginner level to advanced. Anyone who watches all of them will have a firm foundation in what they need to do to be successful; being successful is of course up to the individual and who they apply the knowledge. The videos cover topics like basics, trading psychology, strategy, technical analysis, money management and even candlestick charting. The videos are even arranged into courses, which is what you will find when you click on the Binary Options Courses.


The Trading Tools are links to three different pages. The first is to the Asset List. The list is broken down by option type ie high/low, touch etc so you can see what is available to trade and when. The second is to an economic calendar. The calendar includes most international events and is a highly recommended tool in my opinion. The last link is to what they call signals but what is really the copy trading feature I mentioned above. There is no forum but you can follow traders from a leader board.




My Last Words On CTOptions Educational Material

As I have said, the material is not any different than what you might find at another broker. The thing is, you may have to visit three or four brokers to find everything you can get at CTOptions. This broker has gone above and beyond the average in compiling a complete introduction into binary options, trading, strategy and money management. Even if you don’t choose to trade with this broker there is a lot of advantage to using it simply for the education.