Dreams or Delusions – Successful Traders and their Own Dreams

Dreams or Delusions? Part 2 – What Most Successful Traders Dream About!

In the previous article, “Dreams or Delusions? Part 1 – What Most Beginners Dream About!” you read about the unrealistic dreams beginners can have. Some were silly – others were more promising but all failed to take into account the time and effort required to be a good trader. This time, I want to shine some light on what intermediate and expert traders dream about while staring at their charts. Of course they like dreaming just as much as the other guy, they just do it a little differently. The questions is, are their dreams less stupid because they have more experience? Can experts be as naïve as beginners or is there a big difference here and does it affect their trading results?




The Student’s Dreams

I like this category, I used to belong to it myself… The student is a decent and reasonable person who dreams of becoming a trader and wants to achieve all the glory that comes with it. The difference from the sucker is that he understands that he won’t make millions without making an effort. He always follows the pro trader’s tips and appreciates any feedback he can get. He likes trading, he enjoys the challenges that comes with it and is focused on getting better, he dreams about getting better. This is why the student’s dreams are down to earth.


They dream of putting together their own working strategy with the skills they learn. The motorcycles, boats, Lamborghinis and penthouses are still in the back of their minds but only as an afterthought. The need for learning on the other hand, is like a drug addiction to them. What they dream of mastering the skills of a pro-trader, being able to manage their account and sustainable wins. Some even dream of finding a mentor because they want to suck the knowledge like a dog sucks the marrow out of a bone. Once the student has found his mentor he may even dream of surpassing and becoming a master himself!



A Professional Traders Dreams

The experts and pro’s are different from everyone else. Their dreams are very down to earth and realistic, considering all that it takes to reach this level. Slowly growing their accounts, making the perfect next trade and becoming an even better trader is the main theme of every dream they have. It is not like they don’t want that sports car but they know that concentrating on the quality of the next trade is more important. Unlike the newbie or even the student they don’t care about anything other than their own trading. They know that one good trade leads to another and that the profits and money will come. The expert has only one desire, to become one with the market, the charts and his candlesticks. He gets a kick out of knowing what price is going to do next and dreams of being in tune with it. He is very proud of his analysis, maybe so proud that he would like to write a book about how he trades someday.



The Businessman

The businessman is an expert trader with dreams of sharing his skills with the public, maybe even for a fee! The businessman dreams of taking his skills and sharing them with others. He may dream of leading a trading group, signal service or even starting his own binary options brokerage firm. Yes, he dreams big but he’s been around for a while and and his dreams have grown with his account and abilities. There are no limits for this guy, if he makes it big, he would like to make it bigger! Losses are not a concern, except his dream is to be right with every trade. Sometimes he can be greedy but if trading taught him one thing well it’s that; “he who grasps at too much loses everything”… The businessman knows failure is lurking around every corner but is not afraid of taking risks and wants to share that experience with the world.



Sweet Dreams are not Hurting Anyone!

Unlike newbies that dream of 100% winning robots, Guru’s and easy get rich formulas, successful traders have dreams that require lots of hard work and devotion. They can get carried away at times too, just like anybody else, but when it comes to trading they are down to earth and realistic. They dream of winning the next trade, having long win streaks and mastering the mechanics of trading. It’s OK to dream big, it is what drives us to succeed but its important to remember that your dreams can lead you astray if you aren’t careful. Whenever you start getting carried away with thoughts of riches, cars and wild parties take a step back and think to yourself… is this what the most successful traders dream about?



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