FinMax FAQ – Answers Detailed and To The Point

FinMax: ”Hello! How can I help you?”


1. What Makes FinMax Different Than Other Brokers? What are the advantages to trade with FinMax?

“… Wait a minute please… Trading Binary Options offers benefits for the trader:

Quick income; The trades expiry time is ranging from 30 seconds (short time trade) to one year (long time trade). This means that you can make up to 90% from your original investment in just a few seconds. There is no other financial instruments which can offer you such a profit!

No experience is required; No matter what you do in your day to day life; doctors, lawyers, managers, office workers, bank employees and even taxi drivers are able to make a profit by trading Binary Options.

Minimal investment; In order for you to start trading, you will need to make a first deposit of $100, lowest investment amount is $5 per trade. For comparison, some stocks in the stock market are worth more than $100. Accordingly, in order to obtain significant profits you need to invest from $1,000 and more!

Fixed risks; With binary options you can not lose more than you have invested. If you invest $5 in an asset, the maximum lose you will have with a wrong forecast will be $5. These are truly unique conditions. In Forex, with a wrong forecast and without proper fund management, a trader can lose all of his investment.

No spreads; Forex traders often lose their money due to the growing spread (the difference between the purchase price and sale price) of a particular asset. In binary options you are able to trade currency pairs without the spread … ”


2. Do FinMax Offer Binary Options Trading Education For Newbies?

“… Of course. In our company work a lot of managers who will support you during all process of trading … Also you can follow the link There are published educational videos, which will help you to trade successfully either beginners in trading or experienced traders. The video materials will provide you a deeper insight in binary options … Also there is a schedule of online seminars and a lot of instruments that can help you in trading …”


3. Is there any bonus program for new clients on FinMax? How big is the bonus wager?

“… Yes, one moment please Here you can see all terms of use, including the withdrawal policy and others. To get more detailed information you can talk to one of our managers …”


4. What is the application process? What kind of documents do I need to provide to open an account with FinMax?

“… After registration you need to finish the procedure of verification. When you deposit funds we will require the following documents:
A copy of your valid passport with the signature page. Copies of your credit cards, used to make the deposit (Front side with only the 4 last digits visible, back side with the CVV covered). A copy of a recent utility bill in your name and address. A signed purchase history of your online transactions. Withdrawal of funds You can withdraw your funds at any time. For this purpose it is necessary to fill up a request, and our Finance office will process it as soon as possible… A withdrawal will be made to the same payment method which you deposited with. The withdrawal process is done by the guide of regulation… Your withdrawal request will be processed within 48 hours …”


5. Do you offer demo accounts to your clients?

“… Yes, it all can be discussed with your manager …”


My Overall Impression with FinMax Live Chat

The chat with Finmax representative went quite well. The response time was fast and the received answers were very detailed and to the point! After several not very successful chats with representatives from other brokers I finally found a broker showing some respect to their potential clients. There wasn’t anything special to significantly impress me but the whole conversation leave me with good feeling. More brokers need to give detailed information to their customers and to answer all their questions in polite and responsive manner. This is a big problem not only for the binary options brokers but for many unresponsive online based businesses as well.


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