IkkoTrader Education Review – Not For Advanced Traders

Full Review of IkkoTrader Binary Options Education

I think that it goes without saying that education is one of the cornerstones of any successful trading or investment strategy. By extension, educational resources are a cornerstone of any successful broker. Not only should there be an easy to find and easy to understand introductory level of education there should also be more advanced resources for traders with some experience under their belt. Ikko Trader has incorporated some education into their web site but after a thorough review of available resources it has become clear to me that they do not share my view on the importance of education.



Ikko Trader Education At First Glance

At first glance Ikko Trader appears much like most other quality brokers. The web site has a professional look. They have a tool bar you can download. There is a prominent link to live chat services and the trading platform they employ is well respected. What I did notice at first glance is that the educational resources offered by Ikko Trader are not clearly labeled. Unlike other brokers with highly visible links to educational sections of their websites I had to hunt to find what was available.



At Second Glance Ikko Trader Does Not Get Much Better

I don’t want to disparage Ikko Trader or its website but I do want to point out that there really isn’t much emphasis put on educating new traders or advancing the knowledge of experienced traders.  Like I mentioned before I had to hunt to find links to things as simple as a glossary and an FAQ page. Once I found them what I discovered read more like a sales pitch than educational material. One problem I had that may have compounded that issue was the language barrier. The site is set up for multiple languages but I kept getting sent to pages in French and then had to translate them. I’m sure they can fix this issue and that will be a great help.


Digging deeper into the web site I found a glossary, some FAQ’s, descriptions of features and a link labeled “Smart Investor”. The glossary was extremely small, the one Martin created for BOTS is much better. Definitions were rudimentary and barely scratched the surface of binary options and binary trading. The FAQ’s was where I had the most problem with language, I could only find a French language page and the translation provided by Google was not awesome. FAQ’s were also geared toward sales and funneled me to the open and account page.


I did find a link to a demo/how to trade page in the FAQ’s but it just took me to a landing page with the usual open account/choose up or down/profit in minutes BS that the internet is flooded with. The Smart Investor link was merely an article about Warren Buffet and how investing is good blah blah blah, nothing we haven’t seen a million times before. The most informative section was the features, listed at the bottom among the quick links. It had a fairly good description of high/low and one touch options but that was it.


One thing that I never found on Ikko was a demo account. There is a demo page but is very hard to find and is really only a landing page. Demo accounts are crucial for new traders and a valuable tool for experienced ones. Without a demo account this site is not recommended.



My Final Thoughts On Ikko Trader

The platform may be good, the website and business may not be a scam but there is no follow through on their content. The site is one great big SEO article leading to a sales page. It is my recommendation that anyone new to binary options would be better served by a different broker, one that offers a demo account. I have been trading for years in all kinds of assets and markets and still like to use my demo accounts. It is the best way to test theories and perfect techniques without losing money. In my opinion Ikko Trader does not have the resources advanced traders are looking for or that new trades are in need of. In fact, to even gain access to any form of personal service and daily analysis you have to deposit at least 2000 Euros and trade 25,000 in volume.  To me that voids the attraction of binary options. Binary options are awesome because you can speculate markets without the need meet exorbitant margin requirements.