Interview with Martin – Five Years In the Making Series (former Celebrate 5 Years in the Making with 5 Interviews with BOTS Main Writers!


Q: So, you’ve been with us for almost 5 years now and you’ve been an important part of BOTS’ “rise to fame”. Tell us about your personal experience of being part of this project.

A: Thank you for your superlatives. We really started off with nothing, just few guys looking to make a difference in the Binary Options industry. We knew FX from its early days, a couple of us knew the Poker scene from close and we all knew the opportunities and weaknesses of a fresh industry. We knew there’ll be problems with new brokers (brands). It’s hard for me to come in peace with our achievements as a community while there’s still scam around. When regulators finally kick in with full power, ask me that question again.


Q: You’ve been on the BOTS Forum since its very inception. Give us your opinion on its evolution.

A: Setting up the forums is one of our biggest achievements I believe. I mean, all we did at first was posting our own stuff. To be honest, we had like 10 paid members, with about 20-30 profiles. Now we have about 400-500 active members, and about 2000 others regularly using the trading platform. Still some way to go, but I cannot be happier with what we got.


Q: Being on the news team in the binary options business can be a tedious job, the news being dominated by scams, warnings and fraud. What keeps you going in this never ending battle, where every day a new warning is getting posted?

A: Binary Options are a legitimate trading tool. A colleague of mine working for a big hedge fund is trading binary options regularly and making money of it. Unfortunately, crooks have taken over this tool. We should take it back from them, and the regulators should step in and fill the gap.

Q: How did you first come in contact with trading?

A: It runs in the family. All traders, FX, stocks, bonds, even gambling (:


Q: Do you see any differences between the trading world/industry now as opposed to when you started trading?

A: Yes, much have changed. Now we see more trading tools and options, more information, more transparency and more trusted brokers. But a few things didn’t change, like scams. You should still watch out for your money, especially if this is your first encounter with a binary options account manager.


Q: Do you believe that trading is a sure way to a steady income? Can someone live exclusively from trading?

A: Yes, but let’s face it – 20% will make money, while the other 80% are likely to lose. It’s all about setting goals, there’s no such thing called easy money making.


Q: You obviously write for BOTS and trade. How do you split your time between these two activities? Tell us a bit about a regular working day in your life.

A: I don’t trade much anymore ):


Q: Why don’t you simply trade and forget about writing? I mean, why bother with writing if you are a trader?

A: Some people teach the science of politics, and some people do politics. Some love playing football, but are better coaches than players. I’m a trader, but I’m better off writing about trading.


Q: I know this might sound like a job interview question, but I have to ask: where do you see BOTS in another 5 years from now?

A: We’ll be here. We’re looking to expend into FX and other financial products, working on proper business models to help us grow into these Hugе Markets.


Q: And where do you see binary options in 5 years from now?

A: Binary Options are a unique mixture of trading and gambling. It isn’t as “sophisticated” as FX trading, yet isn’t easy as choosing a color on the roulette table. I think it’s a legitimate business, and as such, it will become regulated and accepted. It’ll change the industry, both for traders and business owners. Less returns, more paperwork, less “getting rich” promises and much more safety of funds for traders.



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